Study Shows Children Are Safer On The Internet Than Projected

    January 15, 2009

A new study from the Internet Safety Technical Task Force (ISTTF) suggests that Internet threats faced by minors are overblown. According to the study, Internet and social networking sites aren’t as dangerous as we all think they are. Clearly Chris Hansen from NBC’s To Catch a Predator needs to give them a call.

I really don’t understand the merit this study has (or the point of it, for that matter). The report says, “Minors are not equally at risk online. Those who are most at risk often engage in risky behaviors and have difficulties in other parts of their lives.” I feel like we need Seth and Amy to break into a “Really?!?” session.

Since they’re not here, I’ll do it for them!

Really, ISTTF members, did we really need a study to suggest that children who engage in risky behavior online are more likely to face online threats? Really?

Really, ISTTF members, is your Task Force seriously made up of MySpace and Facebook executives? You don’t think they have even the slightest bit of interest in tainting this information? Really? Even though they run the very social communities being investigated in this study? That’s like asking the tobacco executives to sit in on smoking related lung cancer studies. I think they might be a little bit bias.

“The risks minors face online are complex and multifaceted and are in most cases not significantly different than those they face offline.” Really, ISTTF, you don’t think by giving the millions of pedaphiles out there access to the same social networks kids engage in doesn’t put them more at risk? You really think they aren’t even a little bit more at risk? Really?

The study went on to find groundbreaking news that parents and minors need to execute more caution in their online activities. Thanks, we can all sleep better at night.