Study Reveals How Executives Build Cost Efficient Supply Chain Centers

    September 17, 2004

Are you in a constant struggle to determine the efficiency of your supply chain organization?

Do you face increasing difficulty to establish, deliver, and communicate business value to internal and external customers? Best Practices, LLC can provide the ammunition you need to win this argument. A new benchmarking study, Managing the Supply Chain: Communicating Value to Key Constituencies reveals how executives build cost efficient supply chain centers, drive customer growth and loyalty, maximize return on investment and effectively justify costs incurred to internal customers.

Based on primary research with dozens of top-performing organizations, this new study includes:

— Efficiency metrics that will help pinpoint key strengths and improvement areas in order management and distribution center excellence relative to performance metrics of high-performing companies, including:

— Order and revenue management processes

— Staffing efficiency

— Cost structures

— Value-maximizing management metrics

— Tactics to effectively communicate and deliver value to internal customers

— Tactics for aligning organizational structure, resources, new technology standards and customer needs to reach maximal operational efficiency and effectiveness.

— Roadmap for building high-impact supply chain management capabilities to drive business value

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