Study Looks at Email Deliverability Issues

    August 8, 2009
    Chris Crum

eMarketer points to a recent study from return path, which shows that email marketers may be having more trouble getting their emails delivered than they realize. According to the firm, over 20% of mailings in the US and Canada are not reaching their intended inboxes.

We’re talking about permission-based email marketing here. Return Path says:

– Such messages only reached  79.3% of inboxes during the first half of 2009.

– 3.3% of those messages go to "junk" or "bulk" folders and

– 17.4% are not delivered at all, with no hard bounce message or other notification of non-delivery.

"Many marketers aren’t even aware that one-fifth of their emails are never reaching the inbox," said George Bilbrey, President, co-founder, Return Path. "In many cases, marketers are seeing "delivered" metrics that repeatedly show a 95% to 98% delivery rate. Unfortunately, many ESPs and marketers have developed the belief that whatever emails aren’t bouncing have successfully reached the inbox. That’s just not true, as these numbers show. Marketers need to examine their current deliverability stats, and remember that hard bounces aren’t the only emails that aren’t reaching your subscribers."

US E-Mail Marketing Nondelivery Rates, by ISP, First half 2009 (% of e-mails sent)

Return Path says taht US deliverability rates are a little better Than Canadas, with 82% and 75% respectively. Service providers of course play significant roles in deliverability. Return Path calls Gmail the most stringent US-based service provider for permissioned marketers to reach.

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