Study: Just 2% Of Marketers Disregard Facebook

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It's a very rare marketer who believes he (or she) can ignore Facebook, according to new data from SeeWhy.  SeeWhy found in a recent study that more than three-quarters of marketers have in fact already incorporated or decided to incorporate the social network into their strategy.

Specifically, Charles Nicholls, the founder of SeeWhy, said in an email to WebProNews (and in a blog post), "We found that three quarters of marketers (76 percent) plan to leverage Facebook for 'social commerce' initiatives.  A further 20 percent are not yet sure, while only 2 percent have no plans to leverage Facebook for social commerce."

Nicholls then described what some of the plans involve by writing, "Sixty-seven percent plan to leverage Facebook to drive traffic to their ecommerce website, while 26 percent plan to build ecommerce applications on Facebook itself.  A further 44 percent plan to use Facebook applications in place of microsites for launches and specific promotions."

This data should be pretty reliable, considering that SeeWhy, which specializes in reducing website abandonment, had 476 marketers take its survey.  The numbers represent great news for Facebook as a result.

These findings make the site a sort of ecommerce hub, after all, which should help the company sell more than a few ads.  They could even clear the way for a virtual currency to really take hold, too.

Meanwhile, it'll be interesting to see what happens to the small "Not sure yet" and "No plans for Facebook Social Commerce" groups.