Students Stabbed; Houston High School in Mourning

    September 4, 2013
    Allie Herald
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This morning at a Houston High School, a 17 year old was stabbed to death. Spring High School is in mourning due to her death. One child was extremely hurt and was sent to the emergency room for a surgery. Another two students suffered minor injuries.

Three students are to blame and police think that it was gang related and due to racial tensions, according to The Inquisitr.

No names have been released at this time. There are no weapons that have yet to be found, relating to the incident.

The Inquisitr also released a statement from the superintendent of Spring High School; “Every parent sends their child to school believing that school should be one of the safe-haven places.… It’s what we spend our night and days working for, and what I lose sleep over. We go into this business to make life better for children, and they need to be able to trust the adults who are responsible for their security and their care.”

Student crime is becoming more frequent in this day and age. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, from July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010, there were 33 school-associated violent deaths in elementary and secondary schools in the United States. Of the 33 student, staff, and nonstudent school-associated violent deaths occurring between July 1, 2009, and June 30, 2010, 25 were homicides, 5 were suicides, and 3 were legal interventions.

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  • Linda

    What happened to the fights when I was in school? Not that fighting is good but at lease everyone got to see the next day. These soft males are afraid of taking an a## whipping. Scared to mess up their hair or their clothes. Don’t want to break their nails like girls!

  • Alicia Johnson

    “a statement from the superintendent of Spring High School; “Every parent sends their child to school believing that school should be one of the safe-haven places.…” uuummm, this hasn’t been true in years, starting with Columbine…

  • Rich

    Funny how everyone is missing the point that we are having racial gang wars in our high schools now. That’s how it’s different nowadays…not because we have more sophisticated video games. There is a great under current of dissatisfaction and disconnect in our society. The melting pot stopped melting when the cheese got dark. Canada is the true melting pot, where new people are assimilated not just tolerated.

  • ElreyJones

    Hang the perpetrators. Sue their parents and horse whip the participants. And tax payers have to keep voting no on new property taxes. Screw these African racists who are abusing everyone else’s civil and human rights. Please find ways to segregate from the African racists who are killing us everywhere. Obama is a Bolshevik racist pig!

  • ElreyJones

    Hang the perpetrators. Sue their parents and horse whip the participants. And tax payers have to keep voting no on new property taxes. Screw these African racists who are abusing everyone else’s civil and human rights. Please find ways to segregate from the African racists who are killing us everywhere. Obama is a Bolshevik racist pig!

  • ElreyJones

    Hang the perpetrators. Sue their parents and horse whip the participants. And tax payers have to keep voting no on new property taxes. Screw these African racists who are abusing everyone else’s civil and human rights. Please find ways to segregate from the African racists who are killing us everywhere. Obama is a Bolshevik racist pig!

    • Stefan

      Its the African’ fault. Grow the &*^% up. People of all races, creeds, colors and religions are killing other and themselves. The kid back east was white, this teen was latino, in Boston, he was Russian. Violence and apparently ignorance, stupid and intolerance knows none of the above, either…i.e. Elrey Jones is stupid, ignorant and just plain sad in its analysis of a terrible situation.

  • Anonymous

    To ElreyJones, the perpetrator was hispanic and stabbed black kids.
    Your ignorance is not helping anything.

  • Reality

    Parents live in some sort of delusion. They think our teenagers are “children” and they do not know what they are doing.

    What do we see in the news every day? We have teenagers stabbing elderly people because they are bored, teenagers using drugs like crazy, teenagers having sex like rabbits, young girls purposely going after sex with older men, young boys purposely plotting to kill people, teenagers stealing cars for kicks, teenagers fighting over race, now we have teenagers stabbing over race and heck, I just saw a story on how steroid use is rampant at high schools.

    Teenagers are as big as adults and are doing everything adults are doing. The reality is that our teenagers are not children. They completely know what they are doing and they should be held responsible for their own choices. Why do you think things are not getting better? It is simply because teenagers are never held responsible for anything.

    • Hmm

      No one deals with reality in America. I agree with you. The evidence is all around us but we ignore it. You can cut the pictures out of a high school year book and randomly ask people how old the students are and most people would think the teenagers are in their mid 20s.

      It is changed in ways people don’t realize. For example, the amount of alcoholism among young girls is crazy. In fact, college age girls are getting drunk at a much higher rate than college guys. What makes this finding so telling is that the girls are coming into college as alcoholics. No one ever thinks of young women as alcoholics but the facts are telling a totally different story. (This is just one example of how people don’t look at facts. I could give you many.)

      Things have changed. It is the year 2013 and not 1950. Our teenagers have simply totally changed. Yet, people in America still think teenagers are like those found on “Leave It To Beaver”.

      • Holly

        Teenagers were NEVER like those on Leave It To Beaver, and parents weren’t like Ward and June either.

  • Katherine

    It was a boy who was killed not a girl. Gang related. 17 yr old boy charged with murder so far. has admitted to the stabbing. School has had gang related problems for awhile now but no stricter safety precautions were ever put into place. This occurred as a retaliation and rumors have been circulating of another retaliation stemming from the stabbings today. The two gangs involved are a mexican and african american gang. I’m not saying the district holds the only blame but they definitely have had many chances to address the gang violence long before this occurred. Back in 2006 multiple teachers within the school were injured trying to break up a gang related fight occurring in the hallways. Just yesterday a gang fight broke out in the school parking lot. I place most of the blame on the parents. Kids only do what they are taught. They have no respect for human life because of the same mentality past down from their parents/guardians. Like any city or suburbs in our country there are good areas and bad areas. Spring, TX backs up to one of the most upscale suburbs Houston has. Upscale neighborhood turns into poverty in a matter of a few short blocks. I feel metal detectors are needed in every school. I also feel any student presumed to be involved with any gang affiliation should be expelled. This is the world we live in. We might not be able to save these young lost souls but we do have the power to help the innocent ones.

    • me

      So you mean to tell me that parents are teaching their children to be a part of gangs??? I dont know if I should shake my head at you or just look dumbfounded because I don’t believe you would make such remarks. You can be the best parent in the world and if your child decide to swing left all you can do is pray and encourage them to do right. So what do you have to say about the parents of the children who are in the other room building bombs, shooting drugs into their veins, indulging in porn while they are just seconds away from one another? At the end of the day people have their own minds and are going to do as they are pleased. How dare some of you reduce the parents to being the only influences in their child’s life. That is why their are such things as SOCIAL INFLUENCES whether its standing right in front of you or you grasp it from afar.

  • brenda

    i guess now we need to ban knives

    • Holly

      Brenda, knives ARE banned in school. I guess you’ll be fighting to have the ban lifted so the kids can protect themselves.

  • http://yahoo Sandy

    I am 55 yrs old and when I got married in 1979 I told my husband I didn’t want to have children because this world isn’t fit for children and it has only gotten worse since then.I didn’t want to have children just to have them or because that’s what everybody else does I didn’t want to bring them into a world where I felt I could not protect them or be myself overprotective of them until they could not breathe and when I see what is happening in the streets and schools today I can say I do not regret my choice. I think that more people will be making the same choice in years to come

    • @Sandy

      These “children” are not children. They are doing everything adults are doing.

      I grew up in the 80’s and trust me, the teenagers of today are nothing like we were back then.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/students-stabbed-houston-high-school-in-mourning-2013-09 timmy153243333

      If people in poverty quit having children, the crime rate would drop dramatically.

      • CYNTHIA

        You are an idiot. People in poverty are not the only ones that commit crimes.

    • jt

      you don’t know what you missed out on by not having children. they are the most wonderful thing that can happen to a woman. you have to invest time in your children (not money, gadgets, clothing or any material items) to have them grow. then when the grandchildren come you realize they are definately a gift.


    I bet these idiots voted for gun banning liberals. I bet they wished they had a gun as that knife was sticking into their liberal belly’s.

    You get what you sow!

    • Albee

      JMOKE– What are you even talking about? something bad happens and all of a sudden its political? This is a high school and last time I checked you should be toting books and backpacks not guns and knives. Your comment is irrelevant to the article and reads more like an agenda. For your edification… “these idiots” as you call them are minors therefore they are not able to vote at this time; even so, I’m sure as they are having the life stabbed out of them they were most likely thinking of their family and loved ones not gun laws.

  • Rebecca

    I graduated from this school in 1997… attended all 4 years here and I can only remember a few fist fights that happened in the entire time I was there. It’s really sad. Nothing like this used to happen. Wasn’t even a concern. We never even locked our front door. It’s amazing how far a neighborhood can plummet in only 15 years. Everyone I know has moved away.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/students-stabbed-houston-high-school-in-mourning-2013-09 timmy153243333

      That is because all the New Orleans criminals moved to Houston after Katrina.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    How about charge the parents when they find these kids and put them in jail for raising there kids wrong. If it was gang related then its the parents upbringing that is at fault. They taught there kids no respect towards people.

    Plus they might of taught them the ghetto language.


      Your comment makes absolutely no sense at all. A parent can raise their child the right way and the child will still do whatever they want to do. Blaming the parent is not the answer and you sound like an ass!!!!!

  • GreyWolf

    Wait a minute!! The article states “no names have been released at this time”. How in the world can anyone state, with any certainty, that the perpetrators were members of a mexican gang and imply that the victims were therefore members of an african-American gang. How can anyone else state that the perpetrators were of an african-American gang, etc., etc.

    Were you folks on location at the time of the incident? Or are you simply stating “what you were told by a friend of an acquaintance”? Come on, lets show some adult restraint and stop adding fuel to whatever fire exists!

    One thing that does exist is the fact that guns are not necessarily the root of all evil!! Apparently no guns were necessary in this instance.

    • Wictolia

      Sounds like he has some inside info. and the article states that is was a result of racial tension. 2 + 2

    • Katherine

      The name of the victim had been released only a few hours after this occured yesterday. The victim was 17 yr old Joshua Broussard. A young african american student. The suspect who has now admitted to the stabbing and is being held on $150,000, charged with murder is 17 yr old Luis Alonzo Alfaro. This all resulted over “bad blood” between two groups stemming from a fight that occurred in the school parking lot Tuesday afternoon. This was a retaliation. Unfortunately, a decent young man lost his life over this. I can tell that I can state this with all certainty because of my proximity to the situation. If you would like to verify what I have said you can read about the current information on our local news websites. The information locally is a lot more accurate than your national news articles. No one knows more about the area than the people who actually live and go there. This is not adding fuel to the fire. At least not for anyone in the area who should already know about certain gangs.

  • http://www.dadoftheday.blogspot.com Dad Of The Day

    Let’s throw race out of the equation, this could happen in any culture. Let us pray for the victim and her family in this situation. At 17 it’s far too young to die, as a father I would be devastated sending my kid to school and not having her return. I could never imagine the grief this child parents are experiencing this morning. It breaks my heart to hear this story.

    My prayers and thoughts are with the other victims as well as the perpetrators in this act. Wishing them a speedy recovery as well as trial. May justice be served swiftly and fairly.

  • Springmyschool

    I go to Spring and can tell you right now GANGS are not in our school. LIES!

  • kelechi nkenjika

    the perertrators should be det with so as to serve as a detorate to others thans.

    • Paul



    Just because a child kills someone does not mean their parents taught them to be a murderer. All of you who are blaming the parents are assholes. The boy who did the Columbine murders, were his parents out killing people? When a child does something he is not supposed to it is not because of the way he was raised. It’s because they think they know everything and can do whatever they want to. I am not saying that all parents teach their kids right from wrong but everytime something happens it is not the parents fault.

    • tom

      Let the legal system work it way thru this sad thing and see where the problem lies. We have the best Justice system in the world regardless of its problems.

  • brian

    …And when that student is charged…it should be a 40-50 yr. prison term!.

  • Biggy Smalls

    Probably some hurricane Katrina Refugee’s.

    • Paul

      We need to outlaw knives Anyone out there for knife control?

      • Biggy Smalls

        Bet you would wish you had a knife if someone was attacking you with one.