Student Brings $20K to School, Begins Handing it Out to Classmates

    March 13, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Teachers have been known to chastise students over contraband by sarcastically asking students if they have brought enough for the whole class. What if, instead of chewing gum, the contraband in question was a large stack of money?

The ABC TV station for the Detroit area is reporting that a 12-year-old girl brought $20,000 to school in her backpack. Not only that, but the girl then proceeded to hand out some of the money to other students, in at least one case handing out $500 to a classmate.

The incident occurred in the city of Taylor, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. The school principal became aware of the situation and called police. The girl admitted to police that she got the money from a friend who brought it over to her house to play with. The police are now holding the money until the owners of it can provide a good explanation for why they have such a large stack of cash.

  • David Coleman

    Breaking News!!!! This just in the the news room, someone in Detroit has 20,000$.

  • dean robinson

    They don’t trust the bank

  • Petey

    Way to go little girl!! The police are now aware of who has been dealing out of their house in the neighborhood. Those crazy kids!

  • http://webpronews Mary

    I guess many people think that the money belongsd to drug dealers. How quick we are to assume. Maybe whomever the money belongs works hard, and decided not to trust the banking system. You know they do not have the greatest reputation these days. Anyone remember the BAIL OUT? I have a large sum of money I keep at home for emegencies that may arise.