Stuckup Stickers iPhone App Allows Users To Tag, Share Info On Sticker Art


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Whether you're just a curious admirer of the street stickers you've seen stuck to signs or telephone poles in your city or if you are an artist who wants to keep up with your wares, having an iPhone could now be a helpful accessory to your interest.

A new app called StuckUp Stickers from the sticker art group Stuck-Up Piece of Crap allows iPhone users to geotag and index any sticker you see out there in the world. You simply take a photo of the sticker, whether it's a band sticker or just a single odd sticker that caught your eye, and it will automatically upload the sticker and share the information (however much you wish to provide) with other StuckUp users. A couple of screen shots can be seen below:

The app was developed by All City Street Art & Graffiti, who also developed a similar app in order to document streetart and graffiti. I'll go ahead and proffer this consideration: you probably won't have much use for this app unless you live in a city that has a well-supported and active artist community. Then again, you probably know your town well enough to already know if you'll get any mileage out of the StuckUp Stickers app.

As of right now, no word on whether this will be released to the Android Marketplace. Regardless, go unlock some of those artistic mysteries floating around your neighborhood and tell us what you think of the app in the comment section.