Street View Draws More Privacy Trouble to Google

This Time in Japan

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Google’s Street View feature on Google Maps is certainly no stranger to privacy concerns. It has attracted lawsuits, but it is still moving right along. Google even dismissed one lawsuit bringer as being "out of touch with the real world."

They’ve been called out for violating trespassing laws in multiple places. A couple from Pittsburgh filed a suit against Google back in April for posting images of their home (which is located down a private access road) on Street View. Later there was an uproar in Sonoma and Humboldt Counties, California over the same issue.

Video from PressDemo.com

Google is now facing privacy issues in Japan after the Street View feature was made available for 12 major Japanese cities back in the summer. There has been a petition to get Street View terminated in the country, based on the claim that it "constitutes violent infringement on citizens." Yahoo Tech News reports:

Local municipalities in Tokyo and Osaka have already appealed to the national government to take action against the site.

The Google Japanese unit earlier said it was blurring the faces of people seen in Street View scenes by special technology and that it would delete the pictures of people and buildings upon request.

Yahoo Tech News also notes that Japan has stricter protections on privacy than the U.S. where the service is often criticized for these issues. I wonder if those trying to get Street View banned in Japan know about Google’s deal with GeoEye.

Street View Draws More Privacy Trouble to Google
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  • Anonymously Yours

    Check out www.locaview.com. It’s a Japanese site with street-level photos of Tokyo and other large Japanese cities whose non-blurred images were published online long before Google’s. Why doesn’t this privacy group get the government to go after the Location View people?

  • http://www.doggybehave.com/train-your-dog-to-obey-down-command.php Sam Nichols

    I believer more and more law suits will appear because of Google street view. I just don’t get it how Google didn’t see that coming

  • http://www.privacylover.com Frank

    Surely if a stranger wants to take pictures of your home it would be polite to ask permission first, but they haven’t. Street view is a clear violation of peoples privacy and I hope Google is forced to ask for a permit before putting out there all the pictures they got of other peoples property.

    • http://www.affordablewebpro.com/ Affordable Web Pro

      who exactly should Google ask? Should they ask each government or each person? how exactly are they supposed to ask? Should they send everyone an email or maybe a phone call?

      They did ask. They asked for lawsuits to clear things up. It’s a calculated move. They knew they would be sued. First it’s promotional thing. The more noise they make the more people will check it out.

      Second they make the burden of contact the responsibility of the offended. Why, because they know all they have to do is remove the offending image and move on to the next.

      No global effort to contact anyone. No reason to slow down or look back.

      • http://www.diamondonnet.com Diamonds

        I agree, if they ask everybody, they’ll just end up wasting so much time on this. Might as well bother with the only ones who complain from the millions homes/properties owners.

  • http://www.stevehart.co.nz Steve

    From what I can see, no one has asked for this service, it serves no real purpose, it’s causing Google more negative publicity than any firm would want. So why are they doing it? I wonder if Google’s CEO’s home is featured…

    • Guest

      i wrote thanking them for doing it

  • Guest

    Enough is Enough with this invasion of Privacy! Makes you wonder about Google’s participation in the rediculous ‘Patriot Act’, now there’s a typical government word, Patirot, as in trying to make you think that you’re only a Patriot if you give up all your privacy because they can’t get a handle on crime.

    What does ‘Little Brother Google’ intend on doing next, put a camera in everyone’s bathroom and microphones throughout the house so they can report to the Government on anyone saying something they don’t like?

    Look folks, a Private Road is a Private Road and Google has NO RIGHT to be on it! Video taping someting marked Private and making it Public is the SAME THING as ‘Being on it!’

    People that condone this are the same type of people that have allowed our Privacy rights to be deteriorated, they’re cowards because they don’t stand up for our rights, like the Bone Head who posted the ‘Umm Who!’ article above. This is the same kind of activity that Communist Russia used to do years ago, in principle.

    Google needs to Stop getting in everyone’s Business and stick to what they started. They’re irritating people and alienating them, many are now refusing to even use Google because of their arrogant monopolizing and Snooping business practices.

    I hope everyone affected by this Google Imaging Nonsnense brings suit against them, and, I’m sure their hired attorneys hope so too as it will keep putting money in their pockets at Google’s expense.

    • Guest

      i like the street view.. it allows people like me who are housebound to see places everyone else takes for granted. Is it an invasion of privacy if someone walks down your street and looks at you?

    • Ose

      You Can’t equate this private company with Counter- Terrorism Efforts
      and if you only knew the what-for, Why and Whom we are dealing with as well as the “How and How Well” the Patriot act works you’d
      be greatfull and kiss your Kids. Get your Head out of the Sand!

      Are you another uninformed, Liberal, Kool aid drinker?

      • Ose

        BTW, I do not think Google should be peeking into Private Property
        Moreover, there may need to be legislation with regard to privacy. Actually, I see no way around it! Because these Companies, or their competitors will always Push it over the line to make money through Voyeurism!
        Voyeurism: Is a Billion + Dollar Industry.
        It sells most Reality TV Shows
        Technologically Yours

    • Guest

      what is up with you people, get a life.
      street view is awesome.

  • Guest

    I like Street View. It’s great when your on a trip. This service has helped me locate buildings I was looking for in cities I was visiting.

  • http://www.posicionarsitio.es PosicionarSitio

    Of course nowadays Google es the biggest brother. I wonder if I want to be out of Google big eye I would be listened to. But, anyway, to know if I was in, I have to look for, so, imagine. All day long looking for me all over the city in Google. No sense, men, no sense


  • http://www.doggybehave.com/basic.php Sam Nichols

    i agree that there is alot of issue with the streetview, but streetview has made our life much easier, i mean i do search and use streetview to see the place before i visit it, it gives me a clearer idea of the location of where i am visiting.

  • http://www.loveisland.ro marius

    There are always people who like and dislike the feature, but i feel street view is a great help for people travelling to place where they dont know much about.

  • Guest

    First of all if those people really wanted to be private then why don’t they keep there gate closed. Second of all I couldn’t even read that sign that said private property. It almost seems that those people want visitors on there property so that they can just complain about them once they past the line. Even more so Google has very appropriate flagging and privacy terms that these people can use if they are upset with what has happened. If they intend to be that private then I think that its up to the person to make sure they do a better job of staying private. Maybe close your blinds to your window or go up farther in the mountains. There is really no reason to complain about this nowadays when there are worse things happening in the world.

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