Street Musician Makes Incredible Music With No Band

    December 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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There’s a street musician in Spokane who uses a loop pedal and an electric violin–which looks like something Giger designed–to make gorgeous, rich sounds all on his own.

It’s incredible to watch–especially for someone like me, who has only the barest amount of coordination required to walk and talk at the same time–but more importantly, it’s incredible to listen to. You don’t expect to see or hear such a thing on a street corner, but this guy knows how to take his talents and make them heard; he always draws a crowd.

Check out the video, and if you know his name or where he’s from, let us know.

  • Ann

    His music is awesome. Incredibl: one man concert!!!

  • Sarah

    His name is Bryson Andres. He’s all over youtube

  • http://google robert

    he is awsome!!! i would like to buy some of his music! for sure!

  • Hector Schmector

    Brilliant! A++++

  • http://yahoo Janice

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!What talent!

  • sharris1915

    absolutely brilliant! loved it.

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  • Joe McKean

    Just another example of the Spirit of Spokane I so can’t wait to get back there.