Straw Man Marketing and Information Pollution

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One of the easiest ways to get your message across is to be different and denounce a currently popular meme. Dan Thies recently referenced a person who is launching their marketing brand by calling the long tail crap. Even if they know what they are talking about with some forms of marketing it undermines their credibility to talk about search marketing with no appreciation for the tail.

This is a growing trend with information in general online. Marketers with a for profit agenda, a reason to create spin, or no knowledge of a field create ratings, reviews, or half compiled resource list at a market and get people to talk about them

  • for being useful (to those naive and new to the market, or those featured in the compilation) and
  • for being inaccurate (for those who know the market and realize that the lists are marketing garbage)

As marketers like you and I fill industries with information pollution it gets harder and harder for the novice web user to know truth from fiction.

The net effect is that we all buy more lies and garbage, become less trusting and more cynical, and small businesses end up having more similar externalities to large businesses, where the profiting company does not take into account any of the downsides to the pollution they created to generate profit.

Some publishers feel absolved of any wrongdoing when they rely on a third party ad network for ad targeting, but profit driven ad network are amoral. Why would someone pay $3 a click for free ringtones if there wasn’t some sort of reverse billing fraud on the backend?


Straw Man Marketing and Information Pollution
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