Stratus Technologies Announces Availability of ftServer V Series

    August 23, 2004

Intel-Based Architecture For Windows, Linux and VOS Operating Systems provides customers clear upgrade path.

Stratus Technologies, Inc., today announced general availability of the Stratus ftServer V Series 200 and 400 models, a new industry-standard server platform supporting applications written for the Stratus Virtual Operating System (VOS) environment. The new Intel-based servers enable customers running high-volume, mission-critical VOS applications, such as trading systems and point-of-sale debit and credit transaction processing systems, to extend their applications’ lives with minimal effort while speeding performance and lowering management overhead.

Intel-based V Series systems deliver three-to-five times faster CPU performance and up to 10 times faster I/O system performance than Stratus’ current high-end PA RISC-based Continuum models, for approximately 30 percent less cost. V Series systems, available in two-way and four-way symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) configurations with a choice of Intel Xeon Processors MP, feature a triple modular redundancy (TMR) architecture engineered to provide greater than 99.999 percent uptime.

With this announcement, Stratus now offers all major operating systems that it actively sells and supports – Microsoft Windows, ft Linux, and VOS – on Intel Xeon processor-based, fault-tolerant server platforms. The majority of ongoing R&D investment in server hardware engineering will focus on the Intel Architecture. Stratus will continue to actively sell and support VOS and Hewlett Packard’s HP-UX operating system on the Stratus Continuum server line, as well.

As participants in an early-availability program, a number of long-time Stratus customers have already migrated their VOS applications to the ftServer V Series platform, and others will soon move their applications over. Among these customers are Paymentech, the National Stock Exchange of India, Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

The Philadelphia Stock Exchange migrated two options trading applications to the V Series platform, recompiling the source code quickly and with virtually no issues, according to Executive Vice President Bill Morgan. “The first vice president of our Options Development Group was astounded by how smoothly the move went and noted it was a credit to the engineering excellence at Stratus,” Morgan said.

Releasing the V Series servers is the latest in a series of Stratus efforts to protect its customers’ investments in VOS applications. Previous to V Series availability, Stratus had provided VOS users with a wide array of open-source tools, features and technologies to enhance application functionality and extend the ability to integrate with other computing environments and platforms. Known as the OpenVOS initiative, the program made available to VOS system users, developers and administrators such technologies as GNU C++, Apache Web Server, STCP, SAMBA, RADIUS, and POSIX, among many others.

The V Series line joins the ftServer T Series product family as the second Intel-based, fault-tolerant product line introduced by Stratus this year. The NEBS Level 3-compliant T Series server announced in March is designed expressly for the rigors of high-availability computing in the telecommunications industry. It is the first Stratus system to support the Linux operating system. Both product lines originated with the Stratus ftServer W Series, which Stratus first introduced in 2001 for Microsoft Windows operating environments.

The Stratus ftServer V Series 200 and 400 servers are available immediately through authorized Stratus resellers and directly from the company.

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