Strategies For Getting Into Podcasting

    October 1, 2007

WebProNews’ Kara Ratliff caught up to Roxanne Darling from Bare Feet Studios and Beach Walks with Rox at the 2007 Podcast and New Media Expo.

These are the takeaways from the video interview with Roxanne (her words) …

"The following strategies are for companies looking into getting into podcasting. It was really meant to be the big picture view.

1. Start by watching other shows, do your research.

2. Understand the technology. It’s amazing how many companies don’t understand the basics of RSS. It’s not that simple but it’s doable.

3. Understand your strategy. Figure out if you are going to be doing other shows or doing shows yourself. There are pros and cons to both of those strategies.

4. Dive into the PR sales and marketing. That’s where you win or lose the game.

5. Be transparent about your message. Let other people know what your problems are so they can help you solve them. It’s a new way of doing business but that is really what new media is all about. With video you have the ability to be so personal and intimate so it’s much harder for people to hate you! Video is more amenable to having an authentic conversation.

Pros & Cons of Video vs. Audio …

The pros are what I just mentioned. It is a much more powerful communication tool… bar none. Would you rather read someones blog in a computer or watch a movie or video?

The cons are that it is more difficult to produce. It takes more time and more equipment. There is much more of a learning curve. The good news is that we are still early into it so it doesn’t have to be TV quality. It can be homemade and fast. That works for people because it is authentic.

Should you video blog (or your CEO) …

The other thing to consider is where is your natural voice? If you suggested this to your CEO he is probably not going to type a blog. He or she may or may not do an audio podcast. However, he may love talking to the camera if someone will just come in and set him up once a week."

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