Strangers Kiss in Tatia Pilieva’s Short Film

    March 11, 2014
    Alexandria Sardam
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As I opened up my iPad for my daily pre-shower Pinterest browsing session I came across a black and white still that captured my attention. A friend of mine had pinned this picture of a man and woman in a locked embrace that was so passionate I had to force myself to look away. It was simply mesmerizing. The caption to the picture read, “strangers kissing.”

But why did my friend feel the need to pin a picture of two random people in a deep embrace? And why did I find the picture so beautiful?

After logging onto Facebook, I was greeted once more by the intriguing black and white picture. Yet another friend of mine shared the image but this time I realized it was a video. So naturally, my curiosity drew me in to click on the box that contained such vast visual appeal with equal parts intrigue.

Tatia Pilieva’s short film appropriately titled, First Kiss has one simple premise: Get 20 complete strangers to intimately kiss. Nothing more.

It sounds bizarre and I suppose it is. But after having watched the film, I thought it was perfect in its own non-perfect way.

It was awkward, it was random but it was interesting. It was so interesting. It made me smile and it made me happy.

Image Via YouTube

  • Loverboy

    Great Video, Great Article and Great emotions. In today’s fast paced and somewhat socially awkward society, people find themselves more and more detached on a daily basis from face to face interaction and more tuned into social media and electronic forms of communication. This is pure and raw emotion and literally as face to face as it gets. This video takes people back to a first kiss shared with someone we barely knew. It shows how people can learn so much about one another in the brief moment of a first kiss. Kissing elevates relationships to the next level and personally it makes me think about the last and best first kiss I’ll ever have. I could not be more lucky and proud of the person that I shared it with and I know that well have that moment together forever.

  • SueinWyoming

    Quite simply awesome! So very raw and touching at the same time.