Stout-Flavored Coffee And Other Beer-Flavored Products You MUST Try


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Everyone is buzzing with the news that Starbucks might be putting out stout-flavored coffee.

The beer-flavored beverage is reportedly being tested out in Ohio and Florida.

Referred to as the Dark Barrel Latte, the product is supposed to be named for the increasing popularity of craft beer and said to blend stout and chocolate flavors.

Sure coffee and beer are a fun combo, but this is hardly the first time that someone has used beer flavors in an unexpected way.

If you love hops and trying new things, then there are some other beer-flavored goodies you may want to get your hands on.

Take a look at some other really cool beer-flavored products.

Beer-Flavored Desserts

Coffee isn’t the only sweet food item that others have wanted to mix with real craft beer.

Meet BeerCandy, a company that specializes in delectable treats made with craft beer. Their products include caramels, taffies, and “hop drops”.

We also have beer-flavored ice creams and even stout-flavored chocolate cakes. PubCakes offers cake mixes made with your favorite beer flavors.

Beer-Infused Pizza Dough

Just as the introduction of coffee-flavored donuts was a big “duh” moment, fans of beer and pizza no doubt think that it only makes sense to bring the two things together.

When Sam Adams got pizza maker Mark Bello to sub their Boston Lager for water, the result was a rather tasty, if not malty, pizza crust. See the story here and feel free to try the pizza dough recipe for yourself!

Beer-Flavored...Dog Treats?

Yep, you read that correctly.

This can probably be chalked up to persons not wanting their pets to ever feel left out of human activities like social drinking.

Before you think someone has canines bumbling around the house in a drunken haze, the product is ONLY beer-flavored. The product is non-alcoholic, so there are no intoxicated pets to worry about.

It's just a way for dog lovers to enjoy a "cold one" with the family dog.

Bottoms up, Fido!