“Storage Wars” Lawsuit: Dave Hester Gets Judge’s Approval

By: Amanda Crum - September 3, 2013

“Storage Wars” has been a huge hit almost since it debuted on A&E, but when a former star of the show filed a lawsuit against the producers for wrongful termination, a slew of skeletons came out of the show’s closet, including allegations that portions of it are planned out ahead of time to make it look like the bidders have found a much more bountiful treasure than what is really there. Now, Dave Hester has gotten the go-ahead from a judge to follow through with the suit after A&E disputed it, saying that he wanted control over who they put on the show.

“Plaintiff’s contract expressly states that Defendants had no obligation to use Plaintiff on the program during the term of their agreement. Plaintiff is suing to recover money, and not to inject himself into the program,” wrote Judge Michael Johnson in today’s ruling.

Hester is suing for $750,000 plus punitive damages after he says he was fired for disagreeing with the show’s practices. He claims the show’s producers have planted items in storage units before–including a mini BMW and a newspaper announcing the death of Elvis–in order to drum up ratings. He says they also paid for some of the stars to have plastic surgery in order to look more appealing for the cameras.

Below is an interview with Hester during happier times with the show, which began it’s most recent season back in April.

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  • Lareina Reyes

    I am shocked that this judge would allow such a frivolous lawsuit continue. Dave Hester was a legitimately disliked character, a trouble maker and in general, a big douchebag. He has no need for the money. He just wants another 15 minutes of “fame”.

    • Josh

      Back shill! we have fire!

    • sankathe

      Pfff what a dumb comment, beginning a lawsuit against a big tv company is a sign off balls! There are alot of people that like dave because of his attitude. Its about time someone started this. We are getting lied to every day on tv. SUPPORT THE INDIVIDUAL NOT THE COMPANY.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    If Dave proves this is all true then Good for Dave.

  • Scott

    Dave is an asshole just like the rest of the actors. What reality show isnt staged? Stupid stupid stupid. Give me a show about how i wipe my ass.

  • Mark

    These auctions are shady. For those of us who knew and saw all these “characters” in person BEFORE the shows came around, well, its a suckers game now. I also know for a fact from a friend who isnt into the scene but went to one auction that was shooting, that she was given lines to speak for the camera.

    None of this crap is real

  • http://www.theshamusofslots.com The Shamus

    Let’s talk about Dave Hester. A man who is on one of the most popular shows on cable, gaining fame for himself which he can ride out for years. Here is a “reality show” trying to make a better TV show. For some reason, Hester didn’t have a problem playing along in the first few seasons. Somehow, Hester, while getting paid a nice amount for his weekly appearances, is somehow driving his business into bankruptcy while portraying the image of “the mogal”. Meanwhile, Hester holds out against the show for more money. Well Dave, you have a chip on your shoulder, and you don’t know how to admit you made a mistake … and continue the issue by pursuing a lawsuit which is a last ditch effort. I’ll bet being an auctioneer pays okay … but a lot harder money than a few hours of filming each week.

    /\/\/\/\ the Shamus /\/\/\/\

  • Jodz

    Dave made the show. He was one of the main reason i watched it, YUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

  • Mark

    lol. fake, huh?
    Did you also think WWE was real?

  • Simon

    Real or fake what does it matter it entertains me for half hour with a cup o tea

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ Barry Weiss

    Dave is a Cast of the show and A&E pays him to do what they want see in the program. By the way Dave talks, I think he has an attitude problem and I love it when somebody Bangs his yuuuups.

  • http://replacementvparts.com Jonathan Roberts

    It does NOT take a Rocket Scientist to see that Dave is Broke. He is just LUCKY that A&E pays his goofy self to buy the units otherwise, he would be stuck buying Goodwill items where he was sentenced to complete 30 days of community service for stealing from the Goodwill and selling the items in his Yard Sale.

    In my opinion, The REAL bullshit artist that makes everybody change he channel is Goofball Darrell Sheets he makes every item like it was worth $1,000’s when ANYBODY knows it is worthless and, not only, HE is UGLY and, a worthless part of the show. Anyone can easily tell he is as dumb as they get.

    The BEST players are Brandi, Jarred and, Barry Weiss. They are at least a little real.

    IF this was a REALITY show, then have you ever wondered EXACTLY WHY NO-BODY else EVER wins any auction at all? You are correct. Because, it is NOT a REALITY show. it is ONLY a SHOW. Because, in reality ANYBODY can easily win an Auction! Do you really think that NO other people in the crowd have the $$ to buy? Come on. Why did they even bother to go? Because, they were also paid to be on the show. Each person is paid approx $100-$200 just to be in the crown. Otherwise, A&E could NOT publish a FOR PROFIT show with their picture being published on a TV Show and, they would have been long ago been sued

    I have bought 1,000’s of Storage Units over the last 10 years or so and, the chances to find something worthwhile is VERY rare. You would have the same chances to win a Lottery Ticket ALSO, I have seen MANY people become very sick going through storage units and, getting stuck by Infected Needles and, ended up getting Hepatitis and, many other diseases. Remember, ALL of most of these storage units were from someone that either died from some sickness or, was in prison, which is why they did NOT pay for the unit, which, by the way is MAX $100/month and, they go to auction IF they are not paid for within 2 or 3 months

    Also, you MUST remember that the owner(s) of the storage facility ALSO rummage through the units long before they ever even get close to auction and obviously take whatever is of value. (They also watch the show) and, since they do legally do own the units. why would they ever want some stranger to make $ on their loss? and, IF you think they don’t go through them then you need to think again. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few (very few) units that contain some worthwhile items but, NOT even close to what they show on this UN-Reality show. Just think about it for a second, IF you yourself had something very valuable in a storage unit and, ONLY owed MAX $300. wouldn’t you make a deal with the owner to sell that item or item(s) and, pay what you owed. The storage facilities are in business of renting storage units and getting paid for this and, NOT, to hold un-known auctions. what is each auction only sold for $20. they would rapidly be out of business

    Also, remember, you MUST also pay a Security deposit and, completely clean EVERY item bad or good and sweep the unit clean before you leave and, this NEEDS to be done within 24 hours and, by law, you MUST return ALL personal items, which in some places includes Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, Religious Items, and, MANY other items can be easily considered “PERSONAL”!! AND, also, if you ever find any weapons they must be turned over to the police and, they will also Fingerprint you, in the event you might have used the weapon. (As they say “As a Precaution Security method) So, IF you do NOT have somewhere to store ALL the items and somewhere to sell the items then DO NOT even bother because you WILL be kicking yourself right in the ass for being so stupid. I do every day I buy one. But, I do have a 150,000sq ft warehouse and right next to the landfill.

    So, PLEASE PLEASE have Darrell Sheets off the show, He is a Complete Dumbass loser who lies just to lie and, actually belongs in Jail right with Dave Hester, who will be again anyway very soon

    Happy Holidays

  • http://replacementvparts.com Jonathan Roberts

    Also, wanted to mention that the items found in Storage are MOSTLY trash, which the owners of the Storage facility do not need to pay someone to clean the unpaid units so they can re rent them. Instead stupid people pay them to clean them for them

    I think I may just invest in buying a storage facility and, get 2 bites from the apple just like them and, sell the remains to some UN-suspecting auction buyer and, even have all the trash cleaned out for me. I will not even need a Dumpster

    I think I might suggest a REALITY Show called “Storage Owners” and, show the REALITY

    don’t get me wrong, there have been some, that’s right “some” items that have been found but, that is ONLY what the owner(s) missed and, sometimes are good BUT, about as rare as a 1943 Copper Penny. You would have a better chance buying a PowerBall ticket

  • the_Truth_in_Oz

    Dave – be careful that the judge doesn't hate you as much as the majority of the people who have ver seen you in action – you are a vile human and as you enjoy inflicting siffering on others it is now being visited upon you by the power of Karma. Enjoy it .