Stone Cold Steve Austin Calls WWE A "Three Ring Circus"


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Stone Cold Steve Austin has made it perfectly clear that he doesn't agree with everything that goes on in the WWE. While he often offers his support of the wrestling organization, he recently had some negative things to say about the WWE.

Austin was taking questions from callers when one man said that he hoped to see a more authentic type of wrestling from the WWE and preferred professional wrestling to sports entertainment.

Austin agreed with the caller and said that he felt as if the WWE had strayed away from what wrestling is really about as well.

“I think you’re barking up the right tree because that’s the same type thing that I preach,” Austin said. “I’m all about, ‘Okay, we know it’s a work but we’re presenting it like this in a serious fashion.’ I did a thing for the NFL Network the other day — it’s right down the street from where I’m at right now — I walked in the NFL Network. It felt, smelt, and breathed — I knew I was in a football factory. That’s what they talked about. That’s what their passion was. That’s what it was about.”

Austin is planning to make a trip to the WWE training facility soon and he said that when he does, he hopes the facility appeals to his senses in terms of wrestling the same way the NFL Network did in terms of football.

“You can put it under the umbrella of ‘sports entertainment’ but when two guys or two gals get in a 20-by-20 squared circle and start wrestling, it is professional wrestling and that is the end of the story. Yes, it would be great to see… I’m all about yeah, we know it’s a work, but we all want to believe. In a world that’s a work, all you can do when the storylines aren’t so great, make the people believe in you. But that being said, here’s the thing: WWE is its own world. They say ‘WWE Universe,’ so whatever they create and put out there is what they create and put out there. So create and put out something that people can buy in to on a serious note, and don’t make it the three-ring circus that it’s become, and let it be wrestling,” he added.

Austin went on to say that he believes the WWE could transition back to the old school ways without having to make some major changes and thinks the fans would welcome the change.

Do you think the WWE was better when it was labeled professional wrestling or is it better as sports entertainment?