Steven Tyler Unimpressed with Mick Jagger’s SNL Impersonation

    May 26, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Steven Tyler is probably used to people making fun of him at this point in his life. Lots of folks have impersonated the Aerosmith singer over the years, so I’m sure he’s developed a thick skin when dealing with those who enjoy having a jolly good laugh at his expense. However, Tyler was slightly unimpressed with Mick Jagger’s portrayal of the “American Idol” judge on last weekend’s season finale of “Saturday Night Live”.

During the skit “So You Think You Can Dance at an Outdoor Music Festival”, Jagger donned a wig and a colorful scarf for his impersonation of the accomplisher rocker, which many, myself included, thought was fairly hilarious. For Saturday Night Live, anyway. Tyler, on the other hand, didn’t think too highly of the bit.

“They got it so wrong; He could have done the yeah yeah yeah!,” Tyler explained to Hollywood Life. He also added, “I thought he looked good with long hair, I’ve always wanted him to grow it back.” That, my friends, is what you call a “kiss and kick”.

However, despite his criticisms of the Rolling Stone singer’s performance, Tyler admitted that the sketch was “fun”. I’m not sure if that’s a code word for something else, but we’ll give the singer the benefit of the doubt. Besides, given how many times people have made fun of Mick Jagger over the years, it seems only fair that he’s able to return the favor in one way or another.

For extra fun, have a look at what a few people on Twitter think of Steven Tyler. Although the comments are more than a little harsh, they’re kind of funny nonetheless.

Steven Tyler is living proof that Muppets do age. #Idol
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Steven Tyler looks like a miscarriage. #idolfinale
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Steven Tyler’s wardrobe is totally ready for when he dies and turns into a ghost.
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Steven Tyler sang with Aerosmith and no one from the band physically injured him. #success #AerosmithOnIdol
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Steven Tyler may be leaving American Idol. If that’s true, it’s the first time he’s ever left a place with Coke still on the table.
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  • Thomas John Heim

    I very much enjoyed Steven Tyler and his band’s performance last night;on the season finale of American Idol!

    • Linda Raymond

      love you Steven, you always entertain!!

      • joe perry

        saying hi..you know me as Rick..’69..Burlington ..Richmond..Mt. Snow..smiles..still think about you..

    • florence

      don’t care what pple say about Steve,the guys is being himself and enjoying life.Keep it up Tyler,i love u.

  • http://Facebook,com Raquel Pheobe Morel

    Steven Tyler has been more than a sweet inspiration to many, many people including those who don’t agree with him and his style which happens to be the “Typical Native American”, his love of land and country needs to be talked about more often. For the information of the curious ones, Steven Tyler sends a lighted message to contemporary america about having the opportunity to take the chance to make it and be who you want to be, having noted that this life is a journey and not a destination, you can have a choice!

  • http://www.faulkeyue.com Faulke Yue

    Mick hit the nail right on the head…portayed Tyler in what the world sees ..not what Mr Yeah Yeah Yeah sees…!

    • Renee

      Get a checkup from the neckup

    • http://www.theonion.com Michael

      Mick nailed it. Steven is just mad that he will never, ever be anywhere near the status Mick Jagger enjoys in rock and roll.

      • mark

        In my opinion you just showed that you don’t know much about classic rock Tyler is in the same class as Mick maybe a step above I don’t know how old you are but I was around when they both were on the top of the chart’s Both are Fantastic in there own way

        • Primo in Laguna

          I agree with Mark’s assessment to a degree. Note: full disclosure. I am an active guitarist currently working as a lead(lead-don’t like that moniker as I enjoy crunchy rhythm parts an woven parts with other members) of the JESTER MCcCool Band ..just google or on FB. Sorry, back to topic: Aero’s Monster HOOKS on power ballads was right career choice & face it, they made some core, new music in a delivery obviously influenced by the Stones & hit what was advertised & just expected. But with ’75’s ‘Dream On,’ their ballad hit machine started sprouting way back then..1 Glaring fact: put hit/song list SIDE by SIDE & one is left with an indisputable FACT: One will run out of Aero’s hits while the Stones provide a mass of hit after hit that boggles the mind & unlike Tyler, who smartly used Dianne Warren, relied on monster ballads, which kept him relevant. But side by side, mano y mano, Mick’s the Man..Tyler, after all, could never touch Jagger’s acerbic lyrics while Tyler seemed to mimick Mick back in the day. AND TO do it with Keith Richards speaks volumes to Jagger’s tenacity & experience. Love both bands, but after all Mick IS Knighted & Steven has his place at THE TOP bur not the rarefied stratosphere occupied by Mick..no ONE controls a room like Mick Jagger..

  • diana

    At 64 years old, I think that Steven Tyler did a “beautiful” job last night! I hope when I turn that age, I am living life with the energy that he has. You go Steven Tyler! GOOD JOB!



      • joe perry

        amen bro amen..he can’t hold a candle to Mick..and I honestly went to school with Joe Perry of Aerosmith..that is not a lie..Vermont Academy class of “69 ..omg I am old but I look better than asshole Tyler

        • Ron Benoit

          and how exactly does going to school wiyh joe perry make you an authority of well anything at all? you on one hand try to boast of what? that you went to school with a member of aerosmith, and on the other insult someones looks of one around your same age who uses a gorilla as an avatar! are you sure that you are insulting tyler? or are you really insulting your own intelligence,or lack thereof? Im only trying to understand your posted comment.

          • Julie

            Awesome response! I went to high school with Jason Newsted (former Metallica bassist) but that doesn’t make me any more special than anybody else.

          • TJ

            I find it sad that you have to put down someone you don’t even know. Your life must suck the big one to do something like that. Obviously you have never had to fight an addiction to drugs or anything else. I watched my sister fight it for 15 yrs. I don’t call her names or put her down for it. I commend her. It is wickedly difficult to overcome something like that especially when your in the music business. I suggest you open your little mind and stop judging others unless you know them personally because it makes you look like an idiot!

      • Mike

        Let me guess, Tom. You’re a guy who’s probably overweight, depressed, in a crappy job, and led around the nose by your unattractive wife (if you’re even married). And when you’re 64, provided you live that long, you’ll still be bitter, depressed, and jealous of guys like Tyler who went out there, did it their own way and achieved success you’ll never have.

    • Julie


  • jody

    Harsh haters! I don’t see any of you doing what Steven has done and so what if he has aged, we all do… he is doing his thing HIS way and he still rocks! Love you Steven.

    • LORRIE

      Tom, get a grip. You aren’t perfect and no one is. Since you seem to be retarded, Steven has what is called a “sense of humor” and, big time talent. I think what you have a severe jealousy.

      • Julie

        “Since you seem to be retarded…”

        Good one!

    • http://webpronews Tamaralynn

      REALLY????? I cannot believe such nasty comments that I’m reading. and I’m 52! I’m with you Jody! All these rockers are in their 60’s, still making us happy , doing their thing and making us dance, wearing clothes that makes them feel happy (lets face it ppl, we all have fashion faux paus), ALL of them! So whats the issue…..sounds like a case of the jealousies to me! Be they jealous or be they haters, it all boils down the same, they need to all play nice in the sand box together! And, btw, did I miss something? I thought JLo was leaving Idol….

      • http://yahoo.com Jackie

        Tamaralyn you are correct it is Jlo that is thinking of leaving the show ppl just need to know what they are talking about before they speak, I think Steven Tyler still rocks I only hope I am that full of life when I get his age, keep up the good work Steven..we love ya

  • wil

    steven is the one of the best rockers of all time!!!hands down!!!
    wouldn’t you like to have that level of energy at that age!!when i get there i would!!!

  • NW

    He is now pimping chicken. Doesn’t get much more pathetic than that.

    • LORRIE

      No it does get more pathetic. People like you bitching about any innocent thing. That’s what really stinks. Who the fuck are you anyway ?, I guess Steven can make a fucking commercial if he wants.

    • Ron Benoit

      NH, what does “pimping chicken” mean??

    • Peggy

      I think Steven Tyler in the chicken commercials is hilarious! Love the feather clipped to the drive-thru microphone!

    • Julie

      Speak for yourself. That’s the funniest commercial I’ve ever seen.

      • http://www.webpronews.com Jetspawn

        Or…”Steve! You need to get a hairnet!”…”John! You need to get some hair!” ROFLMAO!!!! LOVE IT!

  • frances


    • Peggy

      I never was a rock person, but did enjoy some of Aerosmith’s music. But what really sold me on Steven Tyler was his appearance in a Lizzy McGuire movie singing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town on a parade float. I thought that was just awesome! and now I am a big fan. Also, really enjoyed Oprah’s interview with Steven at his home. Showed just how much of a real everyday ordinary person he is, with a lot of talent. he has a super sense of humor.

  • Leah Tepes

    Steven is awesome! I even named a son after him. Age don’t mean nothing, its just a number. You’re only as young as you feel, and he is still going strong!

    Plus I think he was awesome in the new commerial! His music will never die!

  • phil

    Poor old Steven Tyler. I’m sure Mick is the last one laughing that Steven has been getting it wrong for 40 years now.

    • LORRIE

      As if you know their inner circle and all that goes in their minds. Wow.

    • Ron Benoit

      hey phil, stop and think. perhaps steve and mick are not in competition and that they are much more mature than that!!! and phil, what exactly has steve gotten wrong for forty years? is it all the money he made? the beautiful and talented daughter he helped craete? or maybe the fame? or maybe that he is still doing what he loves in life? Yes phil, stop and think!

      • Julie


    • chris

      Is this a site of really old? I asked around the college and we all know who Tyler is. What is a mick? Aerosmith would not is not Aerosmith with out tyler. and mick,mick,mick,mick oh mick a rock and a hard place wow We know now. Well the last album that even left the shelfs should win. I have just been informed that the rolling stones are so bad that they can not be down loaded to mp3. Thanks for the chat Grandpa

  • Maria

    Hey, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it. To all those negative comments; get a grip, don’t knock what you don’t understand. Steven still has alot of Rock ‘n’ Roll left and is having fun showing it. I like and respect Steven….Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!

    • http://yahoo Violet

      You got that right. Steven is still Rockin!
      Love ya Steven

      • LORRIE

        What do the idiots think he should do ? AS if their “opinion” matters ??? Suddenly stop being a rocker ? My God, a lot of ignorant people with jealous pea-sized brains seem to just want to attack a truly nice and talented guy.

        I love you Steven !

  • Ooh Poo Pa Do

    When they reach their mid 60’s most men become somewhat stately and slowly turn into their Father’s Image, Steven Tyler is TURNING INTO HIS DAUGHTER!! HAAAA

  • Mike T

    Steven Tyler SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LORRIE

      You suck. Jealous bitch.

      • Julie

        You tell him!

    • Ron Benoit

      do you mean him personally?’ do you know him,personally? or does his music suck? I saw aerosmith 36 yrs. ago , so he must suck really good because he is still doing it! KEEP ROCKIN AEROSMITH!!!!

  • Mike T

    A totally despicable POS.

  • Gigi

    I have listened to Aerosmith for over 25 years and love them! They totally rock. Their music will live on for many years. Dream on is one of their ‘Anthems’. Again, at his age he is still rocking just as awesome as all the other ‘rock bands’ out there today. But, no-one has their style. Rock-on Steven and Aerosmith!!!!

  • michael more

    Only Americans would hire Steven Tyler to sing the national anthem at a football game then criticize him for sounding like Steven Tyler. Its Americans who hired Roseanne Barr( Do I need to point out that shes a comedian,not a singer to also sing the national anthem and then get all mad when she not only sang it terribly but grabbed her crotch in the end.God bless america but sometimes you people are dumb.

  • DJ

    Why is everyone so mean all the time? Judge everyone for everything. Buncha cvnts!

    • LORRIE

      I totally agree. Jealous cowards making anonymous insults at their computers.

  • http://InternetExplorer Viki Bacon

    I LOVE MR. TYLER!! I was a fan “later in life”. My teenage daughter loved Aerosmith & went to a concert at the Tacoma Dome in about 1984. I had never heard of Aerosmith at the time. Shortly after I saw Steven & the guys Video of Rag Doll and went crazy! I LOVED it; I LOVED Steven; and I LOVED Joe, Joey, Brad & Tom too! I have been to about 15 concerts since, possibly more. AND have 9th row, center stage tickets for the tour coming up this summer. I’ve met the band, talked with them, and they’re great guys ESPECIALLY Steven…keep rockin!!!

    • Julie

      Cool! I’ve discovered that a great many of these groups are really nice. In the past decade, I’ve been blessed to have been able to hang out with Poison, Cinderella and Slaughter and partied with Skid Row and all these guys are really cool and down-to-earth.

      I’d give my right arm to meet Aerosmith. I bet Steven’s a riot.


    No one has any cool anymore ? In my day, { I’m 53 }, people were not so easily classless as to just say rotten things about anyone, all those pathetically mean spirited “twitters”. Now who would go say all to Steven’s face ? Cowards. I notice all the bitches {male and female} didn’t post their own photos so people could take similar pot-shots. I’ve noticed a real decline in the amount of truly good spirited people there are these days. So is being a jackass to other people some sort of goal ? Really ?
    It especially bothers me that anyone would pick on a person as fun and sweet as Steven. He has good vibes. He’s got a lot of positive energy.
    I hope he knows that more people love him than what the cretins who think they have clever comments amount to. Hell, for that matter and for good measure, a LOT of people think Steven is a Sexy Thing and I’m one of them.

    • joe perry

      I am 61..I was a classmate of Joe Perry..you likely don’t know but he plays and has played lead guitar for years for Aerosmith..I don’t want to respond any further to those who are emotionally involved except to say, Tyler is uneducated, drug-addicted and if this site would allow, I would post an except of what he said to a young girl..a young girl who’s daddy is huge..lucky for the mouthy, ignorant Steven he didn’t get devastated..I’ve seen enough of him..Hopefully America has too..I think he’s a

      • Me

        You make is seem as Mick is so educated and never did drugs. Are you forgetting that Mick did heroin and LSD in the ’70’s? Don’t get me wrong I think both the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith are great bands but to make it look as Steven is so awful cause he was a drug addict. Yeah so what, so was Mick all these bands from back in the days. Mick has done so much drug you can’t even understand a damn thing he says. He still slurrs when he speaks. So get off your high horse and see things for what they really are.

        • Julie

          Yes. The only rocker I know of that didn’t do drugs at all is Ted Nugent

        • http://www.webpronews.com Jetspawn

          My God you are a pinhead. You are singing praises of Mick Jagger??? The guy who created the predators anthem, “Under My Thumb?” He’s the first and foremost rock stereotype who belittles women and hails sex, drugs and rock n roll.
          Steven Tyler has been sober for many years. It took alot of work and some real humility to beat his addictions and come back strong.
          I don’t know what you are talking about, but I bet you he’s already addressed it and made his own amends for it. I don’t see Mick Jagger apologizing for that abomination of a song.

      • Ron Benoit

        Joe, i really dont think that anyone cares that you went to school with perry, or of anything you say. you have shown yourself to be mean, and cruel. what i think is that by reading your comments, if you actually had an education. i dont intend my comment to be rude only matter of fact. I sincerely feel bad for you. You obviously have issues that have led you to harbor hate and frustration. I hope you may one day leave the hate behind because it only hurts you in the end. Sincerely, Ron Benoit Warwick, RI

    • Julie

      Me too!! And that voice… Most people don’t realize that he’s in a rather small group of “mature” rockers that can still sing their classic hits in the original key they were written in.

  • Denise

    I love Stephen Tyler & Aerosmith. Have listened to Aerosmith forever! Great seeing at concert. Will always be a great rock & roll band!

  • joe perry

    ha..Mick is too cool to ever do what that anus Tyler does..after he said some things about a young daughter of a major league pitcher, I knew he was either deranged or on drugs, and I expect the latter..his Aerosmith bandmates want nothing to do with him..what does that tell you? He is an idiot and an embarrassment to mankind.

    • http://yahoo.com Jackie

      I feel sorry for you Joe you really seemed to be really angry and enjoy putting ppl down and as for Mick I think he should have quit singing years ago becasue he cant sing anymore he really was terrible when he sang at the supper bowl he doesnt have the voice anymore he needs to retire at least Steven can still sing..

  • joe perry

    Mick is king of rock..his group has eclipsed ALL others …the Beatles as I much as I know they were great were short term compared to The Rolling Stones..other than their first album, Aerosmith sucked and the aforementioned slime Tyler who after his comment about Shannon Magrane, he is lucky her dad didn’t kick his butt..if Shannon had been my daughter, I would’ve taken his teeth out..mouthy ignorant mofo

    • gary

      joe perry a picture is worth a thousand words why not shut your monkey ass up did you ever think the beatles were short term because of the unfortuneate death of john lennon it sounds like you are a jealous little bitch because you are not the famous JOE PERRY you are just a wanna be bitch

  • Renee

    How can one comment,when video doesn’t load on a Droid?

  • Lynn

    I think he is super…I enjoyed him on American Idol and hope he stays.

  • sue

    well whatever his age is i think that he just as well be rockin and smiling, as the focus being on drugs and stuff, keep it up steve!

  • karen

    Steven Tyler is a For Real Deal ” DUDE LOOK LIKE A LADY” kind of guy!! I think he is still one of the Sexiest Rockers alive. Rock On Steven I would Do you anytime

    • Norma

      I love Steven Tyler & he still rocks. American Idol has been very enjoyable with him on there. He is so funny. I love Aerosmith & they really kicked it at the end. Love you Steven been one of my favorites for years.

  • gloria

    Love Steven–love his spirit, love his music. He is Aerosmith.

  • Kay

    Steven Tyler is really cool. He may have had some rough times but he fought back and now he is doing “himself”. My hat is off to you Steven keep doing what you’re doing and enjoying life.

  • Ron Benoit

    I first saw aerosmith in 1976 at the then called RI civic center,i was 16yrs old, I’ve no doubt aged. Do i look the same? no! Steve is no spring chicken yet he is still doing what he loves to do. I would like to be as fortunate. I read all these negitive comments and i dont get it. we are created individual,meaning none of us look, act, feel the same. this is one of the greatest things about who we are as a people. why all the hate and negitivity? I recently read many comments about the brett farve controversy, whats the deal with all you? regardless if i like mick or steve or farve or what or who, its sad that in all our individuallity that there is so much hate and negitivity amoungts us. i guess we must take the good with the bad,but as an individual i can choose to be possitive and a loving , caring individual. now im sure there are those of you who will try to debase me with your hurtful comments,but you wont get far in doing so for i know who i am and happy to be as such. I personally like aerosmith much better than the stones yet will i put down the stones and say all kinds of hurtful things? my advice, dont hold your breath. have a great day!

    • Judy

      Thats funny, I saw them in 76 and was 15 at was is now SOX park, formerely Comiskey park. I love aerosmith and pretty much any of the other bands from that timeframe. Music today is not music that we grew up with.

    • foghaze

      Good comment Ron,
      We come from a different generation than these people is all. Honestly, when I first saw Aerosmith in 76′ I was really disappointed. They didn’t play the songs the way they sounded on my records, and maybe that was intentional, but the timing was off and they just didn’t seem to be in sync. Then I went to the Texas World Music Festival in 78′ and as headliners they were great. It was a steaming hot Texas summer, and everyone was dehydrated even though they had people with firehoses spraying us down, but Heart played through a thunderstorm, only stopping for a break during the lightning, then that humid heat came back, and Aerosmith was worth the wait through all the other bands. They have been a headline act for a long time and earned respect. I’ve never been a big Stones fan because they experimented with disco in those days, but bands like Aerosmith and AC/DC never left rock. Don’t fix what ain’t broke. When Rob Halford came out and said he was gay, so what?; he was and is still the voice in Heavy Metal. Steven has had his issues and we all have some things we aren’t proud of but evaluate these people for what they are. I don’t like Ted Nugent’s views on some issues, but I’ll listen to his guitar playing anytime. Separate the person from the music and they stand tall from any point of view. Steven’s okay by me-always will be.

  • RJR 111

    Hey,It’s only ROCK & ROLL but we like it…

    • chris

      Tyler ROCKS!!!!!!!! MICK OLD. ROLLING STONES where never any good look at the album sales compare the 2. my kids listen to aerosmith. they know mick as a gay pirate that may or may not blow captain jack.

  • Stacey

    I think Steven Rocks, he is still hot and sexy at his age. I love him being on American Idol and his comments are off the wall. By the way, my 5 yr old grand daugther likes Steven, she said that he is crazy. Keep it up. All this negative comments are just jealous people wishing that they were Steven. He is awesome.

  • Metalboy!

    Suprised no one else has caught the irony. Though I love Tyler, he has been aping Mick Jagger since the day he looked in the mirror and saw he had big lips just like Jagger’s. Since then Tyler has co-opted Jagger’s make-up, scarves, stance and stage moves — even elements of the Stones music including the whole set up of the 5 member Aerosmith as a band. And now he is payed the ultimate form of flattery I’ve ever witnessed — Someone who he’s been doing impressions of for years just did an impression of him!

  • Metalboy!

    To quote Maroon 5 (ugh!), “You got to move like Jagger.” And now Jagger just moved like him! Very clever, intentionally or not.

  • CeeEff

    No matter how much money you throw at Steven Tyler, He will always be the sore loser, he is the next Joan Rivers and will soon have all the phony BS that comes with that great title, He’s kinda like Ted Nugent in a way, people actually liked him at one time, but now they realize that hes just lost it and become one of the worlds largest clowns,shame!

  • dylan

    is this nperson a guy or a gal? you would fail big time on american idol!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neil A.

    Steven Tyler is and will always be one of the best rock-n-roll artists there is.
    To be creative and to be a person different from many, takes a lot of balls. When I read some of the comments made, it is obvious – some people truly don’t have a life and nothing better to do.
    Since 1975, I have been a huge fan of you Steven and Joe Perry as the band called Aerosmith. Through the bads times and break ups and all that goes along with the causes.
    I have been fortunate to see you live in concert 6 times over the years and plan to continue. I missed the good seat ticket sales this time around in Los Angeles, but keep checking and hopes to see you in August.
    It’s called “Living a life beyond our imagination” – Thank you and my hats off to you while we trudge this road.

    Neil A.

  • CeeEff

    Anyone who gets on American Idol has already failed.Judge,singer,actor,whatever, all the real talent stays as far away from that show as they can, its the biggest joke on TV

  • Joy

    Steven and Mick are both great rockers in their own unique way. They both love rockin and have been making people happy through their music. Such great and enduring artists they are!

  • C JamesTurnBlue

    He is right. Mick sucked and not in his usual way. Don’t get me wrong I do not dislike Mick. I used to be a big Stones fan. Saw them in concert a long time ago. Also saw Aerosmith back in the day. Mick you can do better than that.

  • Charlotte Hughes

    I happen to like Steven Tyler, even more so since he joined Idol. I think he’s a great judge, a lot of fun, especially when does outrageous things like the swimming stunt! Also, I really enjoyed the performance he gave on Idol.

    If you want to discuss wardrobe problems, look to Lady Gaga who is an embarrassment to herself. Plus, she doesn’t have Tyler’s talent.

  • Joe B Thunder

    The Stones are a great band, but at least Aerosmith is intelligent enough not to use thier stardom as a political platform and chose sides. After all Aerosmith is from the U.S.A. Sweet home Chicago re-done as political ploy is not what (I believe) Robert Johnson had in mind when he wrote it. Robert Johnson was not born in Hawaii yet he knew what it is was like to genuinely sing the blues. He didn’t fake it or move to the south to pretend that he experienced it. He was there.

  • CeeEff

    The only good thing to come out of Steven Tyler was Liv Tyler, End of story.

  • West Davis

    Tyler “Unimpressed”? I guess that makes them even…

  • http://webpronews S

    He doesn’t like Mick because Mick got on his case a few years back for putting a move on his daughter Elizabeth. I don’t blame Mick – I would have been furious. He didn’t him anywhere near his young daughter and I don’t blame him. I’m sure it pissed Steven Tyler off – old pervert.

  • http://webpronews S

    I think the skit was hilarious. I love Jagger and the Stones – always will be the best concert I’ve ever been to. Zilker Park, Austin, TX October 2006. The Big Bang Tour.

  • http://webpronews S

    Please come back to Austin ya’ll.

  • janet

    Every one in life has their battles, whether alcohol, drugs or something else. Steven Tyler is no different, he seems like a really nice guy. And we’re all getting older everyday, life is short, dress the way you want, if I want to walk around in a feather boa, and nothing else when I’m 60, someone will be offended but someone else will laugh. And I’m all for the laughter, it ends soon enough. Lighten up, you don’t have to love the guy, but agree to disagree.

  • miltonlane

    Just as I figured. All those that think that years of people making fun of them should make tough and have gained thick skin. Goes to figure they have not had something like that in their life. I for one think Mick Jagger has no room to try and make a joke of someone else’s apperance. I have taken “joking” about myself now for 63 years, time DOES NOT make things eaiser to take with a thick skin. Seems that there is a lot of that going on these days, people thinking makeing fun of someone is cool. More to showing their own shortfalls and stupidty by drawing the attention to someone else.

  • http://yahoo.com lorraine

    i like stephen and i also like mick both are proven rock stars. i think people should lighten up enjoy life apparently steven does so let him be himself and all those who don’t ike him are free to have thier opinion as for myself i say to all enjoy life it ends before you know it.

  • Debbie Cooper

    Mick Jagger’s ugly ass wishes he had ST’s swagger! At least we know which team Tyler bats for. Mick, not so much.

  • JoAnn

    I knew who Steven was, but wasn’t into Aerosmith. THEN I saw him on Oprah in a special, and the guy is so grounded and so real – now I am a big fan (of Steven). The Burger King commercial kills me every time. He is SO funny! Love him on American Idol also! Go Steven Tyler!

  • wil

    Man, Steven just rocks,all the moves, song & dance, ballads, dudes, he just rocks. mick does not at anytime is close to what the lead singer for Aerosmith does. jagger is just shaky walks around looking stupid, the songs of the stones is good if not great, but the singer is just a brown nose to dumb fans. who don’t know good ol live act. DUMB –ses

  • kathy

    love Steven–loved both books

  • Lady

    No matter what you say, Steven Tyler has sex appeal!!!

  • sheba

    so funny

  • Barb

    Love you Steven !!!

  • Me

    No one should criticize anyone else… ever!
    Look in the mirror.
    We are all imperfect creatures… all of us.
    Judge not ‘less you shall be judged.
    Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes…

  • Rib

    I think the problem for Steven Tyler is he has always ranted on about how cool Mick Jagger s. However, even though it it was supposed to be fun, Jaggers impersonation of Tyler said it all about how he sees him.

    The problem Steven Tyler has is his over the top persona wore thin when the music stopped being any good, so although the last great album was ‘Pump’ in 1989, I will give Aerosmith the benefit of the doubt with ‘Get a grip’ from 1993 and say he has only been truly awful for about seventeen years. If only Joe Perry had have had the balls to go solo after ‘Get a grip’ things could have been different for him.

    The truth is, Aerosmith, a top draw band in the 1970s & 1980s, have actually been bad now for longer than they were any good. When you start imitating the likes of Bon Jovi, it is well and truly over and the early 1990’s was that time for Aerosmith.

    But go and listen to their first album, Toys in the attic, Draw the line, Rock in a hard place and Pump, to see how great they once were.