Steven Seagal Versus Terrorism: Who Ya Got?

    June 2, 2013
    Chris Richardson
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Steven Seagal recently announced, while visiting areas in Russia that have suffered terrorist attacks, that he will spend the “rest of his life fighting terrorism.” While it’s not hard to approach this story with something of a tongue-in-cheek vantage point, it should be noted the reason for the Seagal’s reaction was no laughing matter. Reports reveal the staple of 90s action movies visited the school in Belsan where the 2004 hostage crisis occurred, and what he saw apparently moved him to his core. Rightfully so:

The movie star and martial artist along with a group of US Congressmen arrived in Beslan June 1, the International Children’s Day celebrated in Russia. The delegation visited the memorial cemetery in the town, where over 330 terror attack victims, more than half of them children, are buried. “They were shocked. After visiting the cemetery, which has more than 300 similar tombs, most of them with the photos of small children, Steven Seagal said he will spend the rest of his life fighting against terrorism,” said a spokesman for the republic’s head.

Considering Seagal’s post-movie career as a lawman, it’s not a stretch to suggest the action movie staple firmly believed what he was saying, and that he can actcually make a difference. Who knows? Maybe he can.

Lest we forget, the man possesses one of the most devastating clothesline moves in martial arts movie history:

If he unleashes that kind of fury on terrorism, who knows? Maybe he could become a real-life Jack Bauer.

  • dan shaffer

    I guess the twin towers weren’t enough for this warrior.

  • Antonio Diamante

    I will fight him right now and retire him!!!!!

  • Jonesy

    Maybe 20 years ago he might be a threat, but now the only people that fear him are all you can eat buffet owners!

  • Roger F. Maslon

    It should not be difficult to take Mr. Seagal seriously, considering his upbringing, formation as a real Martial Artist and Law Enforcement background, all of which are top credentials in his particular case. I am certain that his actions and words are very solidly grounded on the above.
    So Mr. Seagal has gained weight? So… What? Any hot-rock wants to take his chances and challenge him? He may not engage in time-wasting proving that he can pulverize you blindfolded, but I would not doubt for a second that he would if attacked, so stop spewing horse feathers and sounding idiotic.

    • james BOnd

      you sir are an idiot, if a movie star can play diplomat why cant I? Steven Seagal is a moron in real life, and an ahole. And he mostly looks fat because he buys custom bullet proof jackets from mexico, the italian mob wants him dead because he snitched and put many of them in prison.

  • jeanclaude

    You may think you above the law, but your not above his.