Steve Wynn Donation: He is the “Anonymous” United Way Donor

    June 27, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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Steve Wynn donated 4,000 gift cards valued at $500 each to needy families in southern Nevada. Six months ago he anonymously donation of 2,000 gift cards valued at $500 each to the United Way. He matched that donation with a another million in gift cards last Saturday, and revealed his identity.

2,000 of the gift cards were given out to needy families around Christmas last year. He made the same gift again last Saturday to 2,000 families through the United Way of Southern Nevada. The total donation was $2 million.

Most of the families that received the gift earned less than $16,000 annually. Las Vegas unemployment is among the highest in the country. In April it was at 11.6%. One in every 285 homes is in foreclosure and they were one of the hardest hit when the construction industry tanked.

$2 million is the United Way’s largest donation to date.

Steve Wynn is the owner of Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas and has an estimated net worth of $2.5 billion according to Forbes. The donation amounts to .08% of Wynn’s worth. If you are an American, and you are aged 25 – 34, like me, your net worth averages to $8,252, so an equivalent donation would be $6.60. For the middle aged (35-44), their net worth is around $51,575, which would make for an annual donation of $41.26 to the United Way.

So really, all Steve Wynn did was throw his chump change to Las Vegas’ poor and destitute. A sweet gesture to be sure, but what Las Vegas residents really need are their homes and livelihoods back.

  • http://Yahoo Mother Brenda G Foster

    “Together We Can” is the slogan of one neighborhood when faced with gentrification in metro Atlanta GA.
    Dear Mr President and Congress,
    American families need help desperately. Please stop the foreclosure of occupied property for the 12months. If any homes are vacant that have been foreclosed, please allow displaced families to move into them for 12 months. Americans include elderly, children, teens, handicapped, sickly, adults,and pets. That would give the rest of us time to come up with some ways to provide income to those in need.
    All the silver, all the gold, all the cattle on a thousand hills, all the houses and all the land belong to God. I believe HE would be so pleased-he would do miracles for our economy. His first consideration is humans. It must be ours too!

  • Bill Yanusaites


    How can you call his gesture “CHUMP CHANGE” ?
    How many “OTHER MILLIONAIRES/BILLIONAIRES” are doing the same ?
    Steve Wynn has done more to SAVE Las Vegas than any other single individual.
    The entire city owes him gratitude
    God Bless you Steve Wynn,and I want to apologize for Chris’ arrogance.
    I feed the homeless in San Diego,despite the fact that I am a unemployed casino worker.
    I THANK GOD, for what I have
    Bill Yanusaites
    San Diego CA


    I like the way you compared his worth and what the 2million equates to him. How much do you make a year, no where near 2 million i bet so don’t try and down play his gesture 2 million is 2 million no matter what your worth. The gesture is what counts and askthe families that recieved how greatfull they are and what 500 did for them. Thank you Steve Wynn never mind peoples ignorance some people you can give 2million dollars and they still won’t be satisfied.

  • Bruce

    Chris, WTF did you have to minimize Mr Wynn? When have you EVER donated your $6.60 you ass? MR Wynn, thanks for giving!

  • Rusty Inman

    Wow, Chris! Thanks for taking a feel-good story and turning it into, well, whatever the hell kind of screed you turned it into.

    Beyond that, what may have been what you call “chump change” for Mr. Wynn is way more than “chump change” for the recipients. And my guess is that most of them don’t give a damn as to what percentage of his net worth his gift represents. They’re just glad to get what they got.