Steve Jobs: “Podcasting Is Taking Off Like a Rocket.”

    September 11, 2005

Steve Jobs’ introduction of Apple’s new Rokr and Nano is now available online. He reveals some interesting factoids on iTunes and iPods.

I’ve reposted them here to underscore the importance of communicators’ considering how/if these two fast-emerging, communications channels might fit in their own efforts. More on this topic here.

* There are 10 million iTunes customers (which also means 10 million credit cards.)

* The average iTunes customer purchases 60 songs.

* Podcasting technology has been around for one year.

* After offering podcasts on iTunes for two months, it has 7 million podcast subscriptions.

* iTunes offers 15,000 podcasts and adds 1,000 new podcasts each week.

* 30% of cars will offer iPod connectivity in the US in 2006. This is HUGE for podcasting.

And for fun, the Nano is:
* 80% smaller than the iPod that first shipped less than 4 years ago

* 1/3 the size of the smallest phone on the market and it carries all the features of an iPod.

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