Steve Ballmer Skeptical Of Chrome OS

    July 14, 2009

At the moment, Microsoft has a market cap of $205.7 billion, and the corporation has its Windows operating system to thank for much of that money.  It may be noteworthy, then, that CEO Steve Ballmer claims to be rather baffled by the concept of Google Chrome OS.

Steve BallmerAccording to Joseph Tartakoff, Ballmer said during the Worldwide Partner Conference, "Who knows what this thing is.  To me, it’s highly interesting that it won’t happen for a year and a half."

Competitors often downplay each other’s products and abilities, of course, which might make the comment amount to nothing.  It’s hard not to forget that Windows 7 is getting ready to ship, as well, meaning immediate sales figures and revenue might be at stake.

But Ballmer did add in reference to the coexistence of Chrome OS and Android, "The last time I checked you don’t need two client operating systems.  We tried it before with Windows 95 and Windows NT and found it’s better to have one.  So . . . I don’t really know what’s up at Google."

For the record, Google has a market cap of $134.2 billion.