10 Steps to Moving From Freebie Coaching to Paid Coaching

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One of the places many coaches get stuck and in fact quit the coaching profession is the inability to master the bridge between having a complimentary coaching session to being hired by the prospective client.

Following these simple steps will definitely increase your effectiveness in smoothing that path towards increasing the number your paying clients.

1. Come to the Complimentary Coaching Call without attachment. If you are already spending the money (or have already spent the money!) you may generate from the client, this is not a firm foundation.

2. Start your session with a smile. Your Prospective Client will hear the smile in your voice and be grateful for it! Ask him/her how her physical body feels so you can work out any kinks before you get started.

3. During the Complimentary Session, offer your Coaching in the exact same manner as you would if the client were offering you money in exchange.

4. Be patient with yourself during the Complimentary Session. If you feel yourself “wandering away” or being distracted with what you perceive as your own lack of abilities, re-center yourself. You may even ask your client for a moment for a drink, and take a drink. Take a breath. Come back in a moment more renewed. Recognize that there is a learning curve
to this process. The only way you will not be successful in this important skill is if you give up too soon.

5. Continually check in with your Prospective Client. Ask them, “What is coming up for you? What are you feeling right now? In your Prep Form you said you wanted to achieve “XYZ” goal during this session, how have we addressed that so far?”

6. After twenty to thirty minutes with your Prospective Client, introduce the concept of Fieldwork or as Assignment, explaining that Coaching is not only about a telephone conversation, it is about creating significant positive change in your life.

7. Following the Assignment explanation, in many cases the Prospective Client will either ask (or else may not be sure how to ask) “So, how does this work?” (Translation: how can I tap into this ALL the time?) If they do not say anything like that, and you have REALLY enjoyed the session, tell them. “Wow, Mary, I am amazed at how enjoyable this has been for
me. We have REALLY covered a lot today. I think you have the makings for substantial progress during the next week or so. What’s next for you?”

8. If the client says, “I am really interested to know how to receive your coaching on a regular basis” then explain what you offer your clients. A quick hint: do not start with your fees! Start with all that is provided and the benefits they will receive from hiring you. I always emphasize that while the fee is based upon the number of sessions per month they receive
live coaching from me, their progress and the fee they pay me really gives them the key to so much more.

If the client says, “I am not sure if this is the time for me to receive coaching” you may choose to ask, “What is standing in your way?” or “Where will you be in six months with coaching vs. Where will you be in six months without coaching?”

You may choose instead to honor that statement without question, and offer to follow up with them at a later date.

9. After the session is completed, be sure to follow up accordingly. If you were hired, send your new client a thank you note and your welcome kit. If you were not hired, send a thank you note and a request to follow up at a later date. If you have a mailing list, offer to subscribe them to it or keep in touch with them in another manner.

10. Celebrate! With each Complimentary session you improve your craft. With each Complimentary Session you walk towards your dream. With each Complimentary Session you walk someone else towards THEIR dream!

What a Privilege it is to be a Coach!

Julie Jordan Scott is a Co-Founder of We Coach People Network: a Community for Coaches to Create a Webpresence and Methods for Achieving Coaching Success without Breaking the Bank. Find out more about this new site now: http://www.WeCoachPeople.net Visit her website: http://www.5passions.com

10 Steps to Moving From Freebie Coaching to Paid Coaching
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