Stella McCartney Given Leadership Award

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Stella McCartney received the The 2014's Women Leadership Award and was treated to a Hollywood tribute experience complete with the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and Chelsea Handler.

Stella McCartney was accompanied by her famous father, Paul McCartney, who Chelsea Handler managed to work into her jokes in a great way.

She said, “[Stella’s] collections have always spoken to me, probably because we come from such similar backgrounds. Her father is one of the greatest musicians of all time, who influenced generations, and my father spent a night in prison for shoplifting an 8-track of ‘Yellow Submarine.’”

Hilarious! Handler also made a jab at Saturday Night Live head Lorne Michaels and the controversy surrounding the lack of casting diversity.

“I noticed there are a lot of white people here, so thank you for casting this, Lorne Michaels," she said.

Stella in conversation with @jerryseinfeld before she was presented the Women's Leadership Award last night #StellasWorld

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Stella McCartney wasn't spared from a funny and somewhat awkward turn by Jerry Seinfeld and his sarcastically dry jabs.

“Why do most people look disgusting?” he asked.

Good gang x Stella @drewbarrymore @natasupernova #JeffKoons

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He also asked Stella McCartney, “Don’t you feel like shorts is a culture epidemic of disgusting-ness? There’s no barbecue, there’s no volleyball, there’s no sand. Put some pants on,” and this gem, “What do we think of that gigantic building on Park Avenue? Should we like it, should we not like it?”

Stella, @misslivalittle and #WoodyHarrelson celebrate An Evening Honoring Stella McCartney at Lincoln Center #StellasWorld

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Stella McCartney was later praised by her father for her accomplishments, and he sounded just as proud as any dad could.

“I’m more proud than you could ever imagine. A trillion, a trillion times proud, times a trillion. You know, to me she was once just a tiny little baby, and I’m here now in New York, and she’s a celebrated lady who does so much for women, the planet, children and me.”

Congratulations to Stella McCartney on her award!

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