Steeler’s Coach Mike Tomlin Pays More for Misstep

By: Aleyia Dixon - December 8, 2013

They are laying some more on Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

Tomlin already has to pay a $100,000 fine for a sideline misstep against that adventure-packed Thanksgiving game against the Ravens, and now NBC Sports informs us that the team will also lose a draft pick because of it.

On the November 28th game against the Ravens, Mike Tomlin wandered onto the field as Baltimore’s Jacoby Jones charged down the field during a long kickoff return. In Tomlin’s defense, his back was turned, so it probably wasn’t a diabolical plot to stop a touchdown. Rules are rules though, and a hefty fine was handed to him on Wednesday of this week.

Although Mike Tomlin has convincingly apologized (and they still lost the game anyway), the NFL has decreed that Tomlin’s actions prevented points and that he has to pay big for it. The reasoning behind their further action is that a team’s accumulated score can determine if they make the playoffs, and the missed touchdown could be big deal if the Ravens needed those points to break a tie. The Steelers are definitely losing a draft pick, but which one depends on how the Ravens get into the playoffs.

Tough luck for Mike Tomlin and the Steelers; when it rains it pours– and after today’s game it looks like it’ll snow too. Let’s hope that the Steelers can regain their footing (and watch their feet) and get back on the winning track soon.

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  • Lilly Tomlin

    Aleyia Dixon, you’re a moron. That was an intentional act by Tomlin to interfere with the game. So fuck him.

    • Aleyia Dixon

      Thank you for your input, Lilly Tomlin

      • Michael

        I am so glad that I don’t have to deal politely with morons who spew hate and hide behind pseudonyms. Kudos to you for dealing with the trash so well.

        I do, however, believe that his actions were intentional. His jump out of the way didn’t look like an “oops, I effed up.” It looked like a “let me time this shiz perfectly”. I guess we’ll never know for sure.

        • jack

          You are not hiding Michael? What is your address? Your phone number? Last name? Where do you work? You ignorant loser.

        • Aleyia Dixon


          Honestly, I have no idea if his act was intentional or not…we all can only go by what he said concerning it, right?

          Either way, he’s paying big for it!

          Have a great day

  • Dewbert

    The Jets didn’t lose a draft pick when their trainer came in contact with that Dolphins player a few years back. Yes, Tomlin did it intentionally, too, but really didn’t affect the play. Ridiculous.

  • Nonsense

    It was not an intentional act. Not even close. Those that say it is just don’t like Tomlin or Pittsburgh

    Even if it was, it is all hypocrisy. More than half those players on that field are doing steroids or some illegal drug. The league knows this. Everyone knows this. Anyone who has ever been remotely successful at the high school, college, or pro levels knows what goes on behind the scenes. People have some made up illusion that the NFL is full of goody two shoes people. They buy into the NFL propaganda. I played sports at high levels. I know and I have seen with my own two eyes. Those players are massive. It isn’t natural. One or two might be natural due to some bizarre quirk in genetics, but the rest — it just isn’t natural.

    Yet, we choose to crucify a coach who stepped three inches on the field. The NFL and actually our whole country has become so unmerciful to people. We fine, we fire, we lock up, we imprison at the drop of a hat, but the reality is that we all make mistakes everyday. Heck, I could follow around the average person for a week and give them a felony charge for something. The law is so messed up people have no idea. It is so freaking hypocritical.

    Just forgive people. Move on. At least, stop being selective about who you crucify.

    • jack

      I have been a Steelers fan for 30 years. He stepped onto the field on purpose. Stop being an apologist. Get the ding dong off your brain and wake up. Tomlin should be fired.

      • Ok

        Jack, you have no idea if he did it on purpose or not. You just don’t like Tomlin because he is black. Period. I have met Steeler fans like you.

        Please tell us how you know he did it on purpose. Every been on a field? I have. It is easy to get disoriented.

  • jack

    Misstep? Is that what you call cheating? Loser

  • Ernie

    This is over the top. $100K fine is ridiculous enough. Intentional? He was watching the jumbotron at the Steelers own 35 yd line on a kickoff. So Tomlin’s big (intentional) plan is to make this move? He thinks his kickoff return team is so bad it’s going to allow the Ravens to have a huge return – to his side of the field? And that in a game with 100 cameras showing every blade of (artificial) grass he’s going to purposefully interfere with a live play? watch the play in real time. These players are so fast. Tomlin was where he shouldn’t have been. A (much lower) fine is all that should’ve been handed out.