Steam Autumn/Spring Sale Has Begun


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Fresh off the new console launches, Valve today launched its annual Autumn Sale. The sale should come as a relief to gamers who spent tons of money on a new console only to find the launch titles lacking.

Actually, the sale isn't entirely an Autumn Sale. A close look at the bottom of the Steam Store page will show that the event is also a Spring Sale for those living on the southern half of the planet. Though the steam mascots are nowhere to be found, the background at the top of the page also features a Team Fortress 2 Heavy and Demoman enjoying the colorful leaves on a leisurely hike together.

The Autumn/Spring Sale will last from today until December 3. The first batch of "Daily Deal" sale games include Skyrim, Antichamber, Sleeping Dogs, Rogue Legacy, and Outlast - all for less than $10. There are also four games in the "Flash Sales" category, which will change every eight hours. Current Flash Sale games include Space Hulk, HammerWatch, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, and Castle Story.

It's also worth mentioning that today's date, November 27, is the same one pegged as the start date for the Autumn Sale in a memo leaked nearly one month ago. With the dates for the Autumn Sale being dead on, gamers will likely have just over two weeks before the Steam Holiday Sale begins. The memo puts that sale as being from December 19 until January 2. It also states that the game discounts seen on items that are not part of front-page promotions will be the same during both sales.