State Trooper, Robber Injured in Bank Heist Shootout


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A man who robbed the First Bank at Dutzow Friday morning was shot, in an exchange of gunfire with a state trooper near New Melle, in St. Charles County, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol. The officer was also shot, but the round didn't penetrate his bulletproof vest, according to Warren County Sheriff Kevin Harrison. Harrison adds that the trooper is "shaken up," but not seriously injured. The condition of the suspect has yet to be released.

Shortly after 9 yesterday morning, the 64-year-old suspect walked into the bank wearing a black mask, glasses and rubber gloves, flashed a handgun, and demanded cash. While threatening to kill the tellers, the suspect instructed them to hand over the top layer of bills from their drawers, along with the $50 and $100 bills from the vault, adding that no dye packs should be included. Roughly $40,000 was stolen. He took off down Highway 94 toward St. Charles County, in a white, 4-door sedan. The unidentified, 26-year-old state trooper got in pursuit, and stopped the suspect on Highway F near Highway D, where the gunfight ensued. Other officers arrived on the scene, and took the suspect into custody.

Sgt. Al Nothum, a spokesman for the Missouri Highway Patrol said, “The male subject got out and began shooting at the trooper. The trooper, he was struck in the chest - The trooper returned fire striking the subject - Everybody is kind of breathing a sigh of relief, it comes down to the training. We have a great academy in Jeff City. You’re there for six months and do this over and over again. I’m sure that training kicked in after he did what he had to do.” The trooper will remain on administrative leave for a few days, which is a typical procedure.

The CEO of First Bank made a statement commending the trooper for his bravery, valor and professionalism during the incident, and called it truly inspiring.

Image courtesy of Twitter.