State Farm Launches Android Widget To Prevent Distracted Driving


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State Farm Insurance said today it will release an Android widget on Monday, August 23, aimed at reducing the problem of distracted driving.

The “On the Move” widget allows Android users to write and preload customized messages that can be sent as automated responses to incoming text messages. The service if free to anyone with an Android smartphone.

"It is our hope that this widget will prevent crashes and save lives," said Laurette Stiles, Strategic Resources vice president at State Farm. 



"This new service will help drivers manage the temptation to read or respond to text messages when they are behind the wheel.  We wanted to make this widget available free-of-charge as just one of the ways we're working to keep our roadways safe for drivers." 

With the service, Android owners can create their own responses and save them to a library for future use.  The service works with all incoming texts, or can be limited to senders listed in the user's smartphone address book.