StatCounter Integrates with Google Maps

    August 18, 2006

Something I do everyday is log-in to StatCounter to see how some of my sites are doing, today I received the following message:

“We’ve added a feature that lets you view your recent visitors on a Google Map. Click on a marker and you will be given all that user’s details. This can be found under “Recent Visitor Map” in the left side menu with the rest of the stats options. I hope you enjoy it! Aodhan Cullen StatCounter CEO”

This is a very smart implementation. Using Google’s powerful and most importantly free API they are graphically able to show users where their visitors are coming from. I know this has been done already, but I don’t think any product has made use of Google Maps.

On the graphic below you’ll notice the usual pinkish balloons, once you click on those you are presented with data such as:

– Entry Page

– Screen Resolution

– Location

– Browser

– Visit Length

– Referring URL

– OS

– IP Address/Host

– The ability to Zoom In/Out


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