StatCounter: Bing Back Above Yahoo

    July 10, 2009

On a temporary basis, at least, it looks like the Bing team racked up another win this week.  New data indicates that Microsoft’s search engine passed Yahoo’s in terms of market share, and did so by a significant amount.

StatCounter first found that Bing had passed Yahoo on June 4th (by a margin of 15.64 percent to 10.32 percent).  That situation didn’t last through the next day, though, with Yahoo quickly reestablishing dominance.  Now, StatCounter believes Bing’s climbed back on top.

According to the latest data, Bing’s market share yesterday, July 9th, was 12.9 percent.  Yahoo, by comparison, cornered just 10.15 percent of the market.  This gives Bing a solid lead of 2.75 percent.

Which lands the Bing team in something of a no-lose situation.  If Bing can hang onto the lead, its launch will have to be officially labeled a success; it’s just supposed to gain share, not kill Google.  If Bing loses the lead, Microsoft’s still better off than it was with the Live brand, plus, well, there’s always next month.

A hat tip goes to Robin Wauters, and as always, we’ll keep an eye on how things proceed from here.