Starting An In-House SEO Program

    February 16, 2009

How do you do in-house SEO if you have never done it before? In the session "In House: I’m responsible for SEO now what?" the panel offers advice on how to create a successful in-house SEO program.

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Eric Lander,Associate Editor ,Search Engine Journal , said to examine your environment and get people involved in other departments.

"Lead confidently and listen carefully," Lander said. Educate them and mentor the motivated.

Put analytics to work ASAP:
Audit sites immediately
Learn the reporting systems
Automate vital reports
Actionable task and alerts
Review what executives review
Track everything

If you use analytics like Omniture, take a break and try Google Analytics.

Reselling the value of search
Appeal to decision makers:
It solidifies your existence
Avoids power struggles

Jessica Bowman, Founder,
Jessica Bowman

Turn challenges into opportunities and be very open, don’t fear the unknown. "Use transparency for traction."

Growth actually happens quickly, so develop guidelines and be organized.

Jessica Bowman, Founder,, said in the beginning is a honeymoon phase and everyone wants to be involved with SEO at first.

Later the developers go crazy and there seems to be some form of miscommunication. Bowman said to, "Focus on synergy."

In the honeymoon phase:
Build relationships
Ask, don’t tell
Have questions, not solutions

There will be bumps just be willing to overcome.

 WebProNews anchor Abby Johnson contributed to this report. See what other experts had to say on the topic here.