Starbucks Tip Jar The Subject Of New York High Court Case

    May 28, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Who gets the money from the Starbucks tip jar? That’s the question currently up for debate in a New York courtroom this week.

CBS News reports that New York’s labor laws are currently being tested in the Court of Appeals. Baristas argue that only they are allowed to take money from the tip jar as they are the ones directly interacting with customers. Assistant managers don’t necessarily work directly with customers, but they feel that they are entitled to the money in the tip jar as well.

So, what’s the big deal? The big deal is that the courts now have to decide whether or not shift managers qualify as “agents” under New York labor laws. If the court rules that they are agents, then assistant managers would be barred by law from taking money out of the tip jar.

On the side of the baristas, they argue that Starbucks has not “seriously disputed that its shift supervisors are supervisors.” In other words, Starbucks has never explicitly told assistant managers that they are not supervisors. It should be noted that shift supervisors share in the tip pool with baristas while assistant managers are arguing in court to share in the tip pool.

As for the assistant managers, they argue that their inability to hire of fire employees makes them less of an agent and more of a low-level employee. They also argue that they do frequently interact with customers thus entitling them to tips.

What do the higher ups at Starbucks think about all of this? They argue that assistant managers shouldn’t get access to the tip jar because they are full-time, salaried employees. In other words, they get paid enough as it is. The tip jar is for the part-time baristas and shift supervisors to make a little more on top of their meager wages.

One federal judge has already ruled that shift supervisors aren’t agents, but she also said that New York’s labor laws don’t require companies to allow every eligible employee to collect tips. Now the Appeals Court must decide if assistant managers can share in the tips with everybody else.

As you would expect, the ruling from the Appeals Court would have wide ranging consequences beyond Starbucks and other coffee shops. If the court rules in favor of the assistant managers, tips will be spread across more people in service industries. It may be fair, but it would also force restaurants that practice mandatory tipping to charge more for tips so that everybody gets a fair share.

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  • lasgr

    The question I have is
    WHO leaves a tip,
    after buying a $5.00 cup of joe?

    • richard hertz

      a cup of coffee medium (or grande) sized costs $2.18 (give or take a few depending on location)

    • Becky

      I do.

      • http://webpronews ME

        Me, too, even I am ordering fast food, like McD’s, Jack, Wendy’s, anyplace with a window and a someone who has served me. I am more low to middle income, but I always manage to tip.

    • jan

      When I leave a tip, it’s a thank you to the person (server, waitress, barrista, whoever) who went the extra mile for me. I dont believe in routine tipping. Sorry – My intentions are not to offend – but I was taught that a tip is gratuity. Meaning, a thank you for doing an extra special job. Therefore they get a thank you extra for being more polite, timely, better attitude, quick, whatever it was taht made them shine. If soneone is a particularly bad waitress, etc., I DO NOT LEAVE A TIP. I’m not leaving a thank you for someone who visited my table exactly four times – to take my order, to deliver my order, to leave the bill, and to bring my change. That’s doing their job at the bare minimum. They get wages for that. When I was a server, we received an hourly pay. If we did a good job, it may entice someone to tip us – thus inspiring us to work harder at being a good server so that customers were happy and tipped well. This mandatory thank you at the end of a meal is crazy to me. The restaurant owner pays a server’s salary. Not me. Therefore, why am I expected to pay a portion of their wages. I go to a resturant to pay for food. If someone inspires me to give them a tip, I tip. If they stink, I dont tip. When did it become my responsibility to pay expected wages to a server? I only do it when it is deserved – and usually that is the case. However, I do reserve the right to refuse to tip anyone who is rude, does poorly at their job, insults, is sloppy… etc. I am a customer – not an employer! THEREFORE, Asst. managers who are not interacting with the public have no need of tips. They are not the ones who helped a patron have a good experience, they just happen to work there. A tip is gratuity – thank you for making the coffee so well, thanks for making me smile; etc. The assist manager is not the one out there braking their back to do taht so they do NOT deserve the “thank you” from the customers. Just the way I see it….

      • Suzanne

        Jan ~ my sentiments exactly!!!

        • Carmen

          Jan ~ I couldn’t have said it better myself. If I could leave a tip directly to the Barista that made my coffee I would. They all get a salary and its a coffee shop, so I don’t leave a tip where I’m not being served perse.

          • http://webpronews.com Kristal

            YOUsay they make a SALARY!?! HAHA. Most states have a “tipped employee wage” (last I checked it was $3.17/hr). Can you live off that. THAT said, WHY do the managers get tips if they don’t have to claim them on their taxes and they really ARE making a salary (I’ve done both & NO managers don’t work with the customers unless you are short handed)

      • http://webpronews ME

        I am going to venture to say not many, if any, “inspire” you to tip. Excuses, reasons, you have given yourself enough of them to justify in your not leaving a tip. You were lucky to have found a job as a server that paid a fairly good wage where you obviously didn’t need to rely on tips.

      • Patrice

        I agree with you when you say that leaving a tip at a place like Starbucks is for “going the extra mile”, because they do make at least minimum wage. But as a server in Indiana, I make $2.13 an hour (federal minimum). I am the head of household with a family to feed. I depend on tips. I give great service (your coffee cup is always full), but too many people think that I get paid to serve them. I do not. I get paid to fill salt and pepper shakers, ketchup bottles, clean the kitchen and vacuum. If the restaurant is not busy (due to holidays or bad weather) I go home with less than minimum wage. As it is, I average only about $9 an hour in tips. I can’t afford coffee at Starbucks. And by the way…we don’t get free food. We pay 50% if we eat it there. The coffee is free…but I have to pay for the hazelnut coffee creamer. I give great service, go the extra mile, but yet people believe that’s my job and don’t tip at all. And somehow, I always manage to give them great service the next time they come in….because that’s the way I am.

      • Justin M

        I agree!!! I only wish I had the courage to NOT leave a tip when I get bad service.

        • isabella

          Stick around me honey you will soon pluck up the courage my smile

      • Gary

        In California, and I know in other states, but don’t know which ones, servers (not so much baristas) are required by law to report a certain percentage of sales as tip income. I believe last time I was a server it was 12%. So, whenever you refuse to tip because it is not your place to pay their wages you are actually costing them money to serve you, as the money they earned from others will have to be used to pay gratuity taxes on YOUR bill.

      • Lytrice

        I completly agree, with the statement above. I’ve worked a series of jobs, that gratuity was a perk, I’ve earned as much as 100.00 in 30 seconds, yes a tip! I worked as a head cashier/ an assistant supervisor over the valet dept. I received tips also, because I did the valets job, as well as my own. I earned great tips, I didn’t expect any one to give me anything, I did count it, as my responsibility to provide great customer service at all times! Tip or no tip!

    • http://nexdor.cum Boobs

      I have a question–who pays 5 dollars for a cup of Joe

      • lasgr

        Starbuck patrons…….

      • http://webpronews.com Kristal

        Then go to MC Donald’s for your coffee

    • bree_Zee

      anyone who is courteous leaves a tip. if you’re a cheapskate stay home and make your own coffee

      • aj

        No. I don’t have to tip and it doesn’t make me a cheapskate. This entitlement to tip people for doing their JOB is ridiculous.

  • Lisa

    I don’t leave tips… Starbucks is expensive enough as it is!!

    • http://webpronews ME

      Not leaving a tip for someone who has served you and given you friendly, fast and adequate service, is thoughtless. These people have bills to pay, mouths to feed, the same as you. Maybe you think they should get a better job, or maybe they are paying their way through school. Enjoy your latte, even a quarter adds up.

      • Dan

        They need to speak to there boss about their wage then. As stated very well by Jan, a tip is a thank you for going above and beyond standard service. It is NOT required. I know these people work hard but let say do you tip a construction worker? They are working hard, what about the policeman or fireman? They deserve a tip also.

        It would be easier to say who does not deserve a tip than who does.

      • jeff johnson

        what? the tip is for service above what is expected not an entitlement like welfare. When I get an enjoyable server that is polite they get a tip. Some servers expect a tip regardless. Some places automatically place an 18% gratuity on the bill and I NEVER return. But I also have experienced wonderful service and have tipped as much as 150%. After all, going out for food is a convenience and an experience as well as a meal. If you just desire a meal go to mcDonalds or BK or KFC. But tip for those that deserve it -accordingly.

    • http://nexdor.cum Boobs

      I was under the impression their prices included a tip.

    • Christine

      Lisa, perhaps you need to buy your coffee somewhere else. To call Starbucks too expensive, but then to continue to shop there while ignoring the tip jar is the epitome of thoughtlessness.

  • john doh

    If a person is on “salary” they are not elegible for tips. It’s against the law as only servers can actually take tips as it’s deducted from their base pay.

    • jan

      its deducted when its reported. I know a lot of young servers who do not report all their tips.

      • http://webpronews ME

        What does that have to do with sharing with management? How many people do you know who don’t fudge on their taxes? I know of two, and I admit I am not one of them.

        • Louise Mantia

          I do not cheat anyone especially my taxes.

      • Kevin

        Are you aware that most servers only make $2.15/hour.

    • http://webpronews ME

      I was under the impression that management made a higher wage, thusly, they were not allowed to the tips for the server/s. If the customer specifically tipped the manager or ass’t manager, then they were allowed to accept that tip. For the most part, servers wages have always been less than management, the tips were to make up the difference in the pay scale..

    • http://nexdor.cum Boobs

      which makes tips seem pretty pointless!

  • Dubbie Phresh

    Tip? After That Expense? All You’re Getting Is My Left Over Change…IF I EVEN HAVE THAT!

  • http://yahoo d rigler

    if baristas make min- wage remove that tip jar period! hell no mgr’s are not allowed to inner into that tip jar period!!!

    • Red

      Hell, those worker bees are living on what? Now managers want to put their hands in the tip jar? Hellllllooooooooooooo, this is a no brainer! Managers are salaried last I knew about labor laws managers are NOT entitled to tips! What a bunch of greedy guts!

  • Carey

    Waitress’ keep their tips, not the managers. When I was in High School and worked at Dunkin’ Donuts, the managers weren’t entitled to the tips either. It should be the people who are actually waiting on the customer, not the people who manage the place. If they want the tips, tell them to get behind the counter and wait on people.

    • Lsa

      Working a cash register is not the equivalent of a waitress or waiter! Actual wait staff do far more than collect money and grab a donut. Have we lost all concept of what actual service means? Do we expect a McDonalds employee to get tips too?

      • jan

        SO True LSA…I hate the obligaton of tipping someone when they dont actually do something to shine. Wages are for bare bones doing your job. The tip is a thank you … a little bit extra for going a fine job and you have to earn it.

        • Carey

          Nobody said you were obliged to tip them, but when it’s somebody preparing your food, you should at least consider it.

          • jan

            Ok, Carey, “Obliged” or “Suggested” whatever you call it…I do consider it. I just also reserve the right to refuse if it’s bad or not fitting. That’s all.

      • Carey

        You do realize that the person ringing up your coffee and doughnut at Dunkin Donuts is nine times out of ten the person who helped to make them, right? That’s how it worked when I was there.

        • http://nexdor.cum Boobs

          I thought a ruck brought in doughnuts.

        • isabella

          So what, maybe we should start tipping all the people who serve us in hospital canteens, the school cafe etc., they also help to prepare food and do not earn great money. Where does this end.? It is getting ridiculous. YES I have worked in a restaurant.

      • http://webpronews ME

        I tip them. I tip anyone who has given me good service.

      • Carlos

        That’s ridiculous. A barista actually hand crafts the drink you’re ordering. A waiter or waitress just brings it to you. And besides, no one is saying you should tip 18% to your barista, but the extra 17 cents you have left over from your $1.83 coffee? Come on.

        Assistant managers should not get tips because they are salaried employees. Baristas and supervisiors are hourly workers who more often than not are not allowed to work 40 hours in a week, have to be available enough hours that a second job is usually very difficult on top of school or family obligations, and who make several dollars less an hour than their managerial counterparts. Also, managers can make quarterly bonuses that baristas and supervisors cannot.

        Finally, your cup of joe is not $5.00. Your 20 oz, syrup-flavored, milk-based, espresso laden, hand-crafted beverage (or frappuccino, or smoothie) might be 5 bucks, but not your basic cup of coffee. Stop whining.

  • patrick

    wow….depends what state u are in as far as tips go,,,some states give less minimum wage to positions with tips,,,,as far as I go, I always tip something,,,,even if some change…I used to live off of tips, and that quarter a person throws in eventually equals a taco!!!! They make min wage at best, that’s not a salary that’s an hourly, anyway, as far as supervisors or managers getting tips??? NO WAY!!! managers at resturants don’t get the waiters tips so why at a starbucks? I have worked in food service for 10 plus years, never does supervisors or managers get tips….

    • http://webpronews ME

      Same here.

    • bestie

      In NYS you do get less money if you are a tipped employee. They want to change that number to be more in line with the minimum wage.

  • kacki

    Tips at Starbucks? WHAT A FRIGGING JOKE! These people WORK AT THE COUNTER – they DO NOT bring your food to you! Tips are supposed to be for people who bring your order to you as you sit leisurely. At Starbucks I STAND AT THE COUNTER AND WAIT IN A LINE! By the way, call yourselves what you are – servers, clerks, cashiers – Baristas? How queer.

    • http://nexdor.cum Boobs

      I especilally hate when people bring babies in there.

      • isabella

        In Starbucks? what has that got to do with tipping?

    • Pattysboi

      Grow UP, kacki, and get a friggin’ life. You obviously are entirely too young to drink coffee. Have mommy fix you an apple juice, instead.

  • Jason

    First off if you make a non tipped wage like min wage, you shouldn’t be allowed to put out a tip jar. tips should be for the waiters etc that make like. $4 and hour to supplement that income, not if you get like $8 + an hour. Not everyone should be tipped for doing the job that they are already paid for.

  • Becky

    You people crying about leaving a tip on an expensive coffee crack me up. If you don’t want it fixed just the way you like it and handed to you steaming hot then fix it at home. You made the decision to go and wait in line for your morning java prepared by someone else so quit whining about how much it costs and leave a buck.

    No. Salaried managers should NOT get any tips and I am a salaried manager running a very busy dinner restaurant/pub where I work my butt off daily to insure good service. When tips are handed to me, I hand put them in the community jar to be split up later by the hourly workers.

    • jan

      Becky, I agree with your position to give the tips to the hourly employees. However, you may do well to realize that an expensive cup of coffee is a treat to a lot of folks. A once a month splurge. And when you have saved enough that week to enjoy a cup of coffee at the end of the week to “pat yourself on the back” or whatever, its not the same as a person who goes to starbucks everyday because they just like it that way. And so for folks who only visit from time to time, it doesnt seem right to hand a tip on top of what was just paid to someone who just took the order, wrot it on a cup, and went to the next person in line. Sorry, but it’s just not the same as being waited on and treated well. Now, if the person behind the counter shines, great, they get my change! However, you must think everyone has a weekly starbucks allowance and goes all the time. I’m not sure why you are talking about people whinning about an extra buck. Its those extra bucks saved all week that afford one little luxary pleasure at the end of the week, otherwise its folgers at home, again … dont pass judgment on what you dont know.

      • http://webpronews.com Kristal

        So you can’t leave 50 cents after saving that $5 for a cup of coffee? Again, if you don’t wanna tip….go somewhere they don’t tip, like Mc D’s

      • Jock

        Jan, I agree, tipping should be voluntary, but saving up for a monthly cup of coffee is a bit more than a reach. It sounds like you purposely look for flaws in service so you don’t have to tip. I mean counting the # of times a server comes to your table, really? If you don’t want to tip then don’t tip, but don’t try to list some bogus rules and regulations for tipping. People can tip how they want, it’s their money.

    • daryl

      hey Becky prices at Starbucks are way out of line,they should pay their workers more money to start with,then workers wouldnt hv to worry about tips

  • Ben

    This article is poorly researched. As a former shift supervisor or shift manager with Starbucks in California I came across a similar situation. However Assistant Managers and Shift Supervisors are two separate entities whereas this article combines the two. Assistant Managers are full time salaried employees, thus exempt from tips. Shift Supervisors are usually part-time employees and always hourly. They’re duties are direct correlation with that of baristas in addition to supervisory duties, most importantly regarding cash handling and break appropriation, while on duty. For this reason they are permitted to share in the tips. The discussion is really about whether or not Shift Supervisors should be considered “management” or “agents” when they are just in essence a barista with a few extra responsibilities. This case has nothing to do with assistant managers.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      I didn’t mean to suggest that the two are one in the same. The assistant managers are the ones fighting to receive tips whereas I realize shift supervisors already share tips with baristas. I don’t really know why the baristas’ representation says shift supervisor when it’s the assistant managers arguing for tip sharing. I’ll make that more clear above.

    • http://webpronews ME

      The case has to do with whether or not any manager or supervisors makes a higher wage, who cares what their duties are. If they are making more money, no matter what form of management, they should not be able to share the tips.

  • Ellobern

    How much money could they possibly get from a tip jar after it’s divided up among all the employees?

  • EP

    I was an ASM there for three years. Never took tips, as I was salary, but SBUX shouldn’t lie about the ASM position — you ARE a barista, making about $11.00/hour. My WHOLE career was schedule with me and ONE other person on the “floor”. Tell me how one person is supposed to deliver “legendary customer service” while the other is doing “management tasks” like scheduling and placing orders. SBUX is as bad as APPLE! Disgusting. Pay people a living wage!

  • Lsa

    I’ve always hated the tip jar anyway! It’s a lame way for starbucks not to pay their employees what they should, telling them “you’ll make tips” Since Starbucks started this BS practice, you see tip jars at all kinds of fast food places! tips were supposed to be for people who actually serve you, not someone doing nothing more than standing behind a register.

  • heart2

    It all comes down to this. Starbucks is a company to make profits like all the others. The pay is the same with all these greedy companies. Who suffers the poor employees. Pay more so they do not have the rely on a tip jar to make a living! Starbucks can well afford a few dollars more to pay employees. There prices are outrageous.

  • Sandy

    I wish you all the best, Baristas…………the casino dealers got screwed by Steve Wynn! Dealers were making phenomenal tips and Wynn was too cheap to go into his own pocket to pay his floor supervisors more money, so he started giving them a share of the tips. (Floor supervisors can walk away from an obnoxious player, the dealer can’t). It went to court in Nevada and of course, Wynn won. Wrong, oh, so wrong!

  • Sandy

    Also, for those of you that don’t leave tips? Don’t take it out on the person serving you for the high price of Starbuck’s coffee, they don’t set the price. You people are just cheap!

    • JohnJSA

      Why should I tip someone for them giving me a drink?

      A tip is something earned, something that requires above and beyond normal “service.”

      If you don’t tip Mc Donald’s employees, then, using your own logic, you’re a hypocrite.

      Keep moronic comments to yourself.

      • http://webpronews.com Kristal

        Do you know HOW to make that espresso?

      • Sandy

        Do you also not tip your bartenders? All they do is give you a drink.

    • jan

      No Sandy… not cheap. Poor and saving all week to be able to afford that one luxary at the end of the work week – like a pat on the back “I made it!, Wehww…” I save money through using coupons and not buying lunch out, etc. and then because I scrape enough to enjoy one coffee at the end of the week and feel it is expensive to give a tip to somene who just took my order and didnt even look me in the eye… ya, we’re cheap huh? Shame on you for scolding others like that. You dont know their story.

      • http://webpronews ME

        Jan, and you don’t know the story of the person who took your order. Possibly a medical bill, raising a grandchild, no customer really knows about their server, unless they become a regular. Tipping is a nice way to say thank you, and you can always, in a nice way, give a little constructive criticism to the server if they need some improvement. You’d be surprised how many appreciate the feedback.

    • http://webpronews ME

      Sandy, I am with you. Anyone who isn’t, is one of the “cheap” ones.

      • JohnJSA

        You people lack any sort of basic logic. You can call me cheap all you want, but I most likely tip at a higher percentage than you do.

        Here’s the thing, though. Tips are extra, they are designed to show someone that they did a spectacular job. To me, there are no minimums, or maximums on them. You should tip whatever you feel the service warrants. if I feel the service warrants a 35% tip on a 20 tab, guess what, I’m going to ip them that.

        But as I already pointed out, and which no one has argued against, is that tipping a Starbucks employee is like tipping a Mc Donalds worker, or any other fast food employee. They are paid a certain wage, usually on the lower end of the scale, because the market dictates is as such. They are paid to treat customers with respect, and serve the fast food with a smile. Obviously, you should commend and reward employees who go above and beyond that, but it’s their prerogative if a customer wants to tip them.
        They aren’t being cheap if they don’t tip them. That’s one of those moronic comments that I am referring to.

  • Mac

    Mandatory tipping – since when? Have people lost their minds? Reminds of free but accepting donations.
    Come one……oh, yeah, sanitary engineers and on and on……

  • Char`

    They make at least minimum wage they shouldn’t even be allowed to have a tip jar.

  • recgord

    I think the normal rule for tipping is that you should not or need not tip when you only receive counter service. When you are served at tables, you should consider tipping or not go there. Of course Starbucks provides other service like WiFi and tables that are cleaned up and hopefully kept clean, but so does McDonalds and Burger King, etc., there is no tipping there? Restaurants having waiters and waitresses deserve tips because they provide a full service to the customer. It is difficult to say that Starbucks should have tip jars when they only provide counter service, except for perhaps the tables. Often times, servers make little money and have to rely on tips alone to make a decent hourly wage. If you do tip at Starbucks, then I think 15% is more than enough and it should be given to ones that have a hand in brewing and serving to java!

  • Patty

    I have a better understanding of this situation compared to most people as I was a waitress for 27 years in several establishments w different kinds of rules each place I was employed . The RULE ( always off the record ) was the tip money was split amongst the wait staff and NOT the management . In my 27 years in the business as wait staff, hostess, and floor manager this is how it was done .

    I did work for one Restaurant in the 90’s ( a chain restaurant) that proceeded to tell me my first week of work that management ( the general manager for the place ) got a cut of MY tip money ? 2 or 3 % . I was like WHAT ? … needless to say I was looking for a new job asap as I knew it was wrong for management to be taking a cut off the tip money when they were already compensated for being in management .

    During the time I worked as a floor manager in Restaurants I never took a dime from the wait staff tip money, that was their money NOT mine . This is the way it was done for many years and in the many establishments I worked for in the TRI STATE area .

    Sounds to me like the management at Starbucks is getting a bit GREEDY , We frequent Starbucks all the time and I always leave a tip as I know the staff lives on tip money like I used too . How dare the Management be wanting their cut of the tip jar when I leave the money for the minimum wage workers there .

    • Gary

      Wow they want money they didn’t earn, that’s so low. If I would of known that I wouldn’t be tipping. That might sound bad, but the tip should be for the person that helped me not management.
      If that were my establishment I would fired any management that steals. There shouldn’t be any arguments here very childish. Sounds like Star Buck’s has a lot to learn about employee relations.

  • http://nexdor.cum Boobs

    I usually leave those play money from missionaries or other advertising play money.Some say 1 million dollars on them!Not real,but definitely good for a bigger kick than your average penny tip you would normally see at places like this.

    • http://webpronews ME

      You can’t be serious?

    • http://webpronews.com Kristal

      I’m so glad I NEVER had to serve you, I would have have done it once. Then you would have been another server’s problem. Wonder how many times they spit in you food or worse?

  • http://sunwolf_85035@yahoao.com Tinywinter

    Why leave a tip!!!

    Why don’t you leave a tip to BurgerKing then??

    • http://webpronews ME

      I do.

    • michelle

      You dont want to tip then dont why do you have to be soo disgruntled about it.

  • http://nexdor.cum Boobs

    Those people who gave those fat pigs who changed their baby;s diaper at the table the what for deserve a big tip.other thna that it’s usually business as usual by conmprson.

  • Louise Mantia

    Why leave a tip at all, they are not waitresses and the coffee is so expensive let Starbucks provide them their money.

  • astrid

    People who get income from tips may be, and almost always are, paid much less than the minimum wage, as low as 2.13 an hour. Tip sharing is not about a fair split. It is about owners not having to pay other classes of workers besides waiters the minimum wage. In the end, all the workers make less and the restaurant, by paying less wages, makes more. tip sharing should be outlawed.

  • Christy

    I am NOT leaving a tip for a $5 cup of coffee.

  • Nancy

    I’m all for tipping…waiters/waitresses and the delivery boy. But I am so sick and tired of seeing tip jars everywhere you go. Chinese take out, the gas station, dry cleaners….really??? I’ve worked as a waitress and I’ve worked at mom and pop shops and never did I leave a tip jar. I was expected to do my job and with a smile on my face I might add. I worked at Dunkin when I was younger and I did “make the donuts” as well as the manager, but he wasn’t there dealing with the customers. I’m tired of everyone having their hand out for just “doing their job”. A waiter/waitress or delivery person is expected to go above an beyond and make your experience at their establishment wonderful. As far as managment putting their hand in the “kitty”….you’re joking. Waiters/Waitresses and delivery people make far less than minimum wage where I live and work hard.

  • Mary

    I worked at a Starbucks for a short time, and I never saw a dime, none ever given to me, the money would be there filling up and by the next day, gone. I’m sure the managers got it. I don’t think they should get any of it, since they don’t do a darn thing, but sit on their butts. And at the same time I don’t thing it’s neccesary, just a couple of days ago I spent almost $16 dollars, yes $16 dollars, for a cappucino, frappucino, and 3 small pastry treats, (yuk the only thing open around us),for 2 adults and 1 child. It was expensive and they were not so nice, jerks actually, do you think I would give them anything more? Expensive drinks, bad attitudes. It’s not always I go to a Starbucks, but compare to McDonald’s or Dunkin, I have no choice, Starbucks it is.

  • michelle

    I leave a tip. When you go to a place like Starbucks for the coffee it is because you like the way they make your coffee. That is a service and is only fair to tip.

  • Jay

    I agree with Nancy and Jan. I think tipping has gotten out of hand. I worked in the food service industry for about 10 years and lived on tips. I have no problem tipping for good service, but for just taking my order, money and handing me what I ordered, no. I am waiting for Mcdonalds, Wendys and Burger King to start putting out there tip jar. I have a question for all of those people who say you should give these people a tip. Do you hand them a tip if they do not have the tip jar? When you go to Mcdonalds, Wendys or Burger King, do you give them a tip. They are working for minimum wage and doing the same amount of work as those at starbucks. When you go to the movies and get your popcorn, do you leave them a tip. Last time I was at a movie they did not have a tip jar. Or what about when you go grocery shopping, do you tip the cashier, I am sure they are working for minimum wage.

  • Shirl Ali

    Since when did Starbucks become a tipping establishment. When did pouring a cup of coffee in a disposable cup become a tipping position? These people are paid full wages as where a waiter/waitress doesn’t. Why are people wasting valuable court time on such nonsense??? No wonder people from other countries think Americans are nit witts…geesh

  • sharron

    I have to agree with the posters who question why Starbucks employees should be looking for tips. They are not going out of their way to go over and above, they are just doing their job. the same with hair stylists, and anything else. I don’t understand why everyone thinks they need to get tips for doing what they are paid to do, minimum wage or not. you don’t tip walmart employees who help you, or fast food counter people who make your smoothie or coffee so why should you have to pay a starbucks employee extra? or a hairstylist or a takeout person bonuses for good work are the responsibility of the business owner, not the customer.

    • sharron

      last sentence should have read or a hairstylist or a takeout person. Bonuses for good work are the responsibility of the business owner, not the customer.
      We tip waiters and waitresses in restaurants, but I think they need to do away with tipping and just pay them a straight wage, like everyone else. set the price for service or a product at what you determine is fair and don’t expect more. geesh I would be happy to get my own food at a restaurant and avoid the tip altogether. I don’t need to be served, what I come for is food prepared in a way I cant do. a server is irrelevant to the expereince

    • ServiceIndustrypro

      If a person does a Service of any kind for you, you should tip them!
      Obviously YOU Sharron have never worked in any Service Industry positions. If someone is making your coffee drink you tip them.
      If a waitress waits on you and gives you excellent service but the food wasn’t the best, you STILL tip your server for their service of waiting on you! It takes a lot to be a server, it isn’t for everybody. And its apparent that you wouldn’t do well because you have no respect and little education when it comes to people who Serve!
      I have worked in the Bar business for 22 years and I SURVIVE off my Tips. I have many regulars that come see me day after day after Day, week after week, year after year. These people pay my Bills!. But I in turn have become friends and go above and beyond for my customers!
      See “Service”, especially GOOD SERVICE does not have a dollar amount per se’. It isn’t Rocket Science either. If your are a semi intelligent human being, you would know the difference.
      If you don’t Tip …Then stay at home and make your own food and get your own drinks and clean up your own mess …SIMPLE!!

      • aj

        No. They are PAID to give you service. Tipping is optional and shouldn’t be demanded by entitled twats.

  • http://gofiggr.com Danof89

    With my heart on my sleeve and a chip on my shoulder, I have “just” enough room for a “name tag” on my lapel…

    “Hi…I’m a pretentious little ‘Elitist Pig Wannabe’…can I take your order?”

    “Oooh…coffee…good choice. Now make sure you leave me a little somethin’ somethin’ in the tip jar, just for doing my job and then talking about you when you leave”


    …and “no”…I was never a real “big hit” in the service industry

    • Dsquared

      I can see why.

  • squareshooter

    In michigan the servers only get $2.78 an hr…well under the minimum wage… they live off the tips. if other employees are making minimum wage of greater…then the should not take servers money.

  • J rocker

    I`ve seen tip jars in misc. businesses, ie; cleaners, gas stations, grocery stores, and starbucks. None of these establishments and their employees deserve tips. They do not serve you anymore then a bagger at a grocery store, or a salesperson in a department store. Tips shuld be reserved for waiters, bellhops, or parking attendents that park your cars. I think people have been duped into paying for services not rendered.

  • emily

    give them their tips managers or supervisors or who ever thy are dont need to get part of that tip they didnt do anything.
    cheap bstads

  • isabella

    Well said Jan, I almost agree with you 99%, but I do not tip at Starbucks or anywhere that I just get a cup of coffee. These tip jars should be done away with completely and I would like to meet, face to face, the person that started all that nonsense.

    • Sharpie42

      You’d have to go back pretty far to find them, since Starbucks has been around for 42 years, and the tradition of tipping goes back a couple hundred.

  • bree_Zee

    Management has no right to a portion of the tip jar. It’s greedy that they would even argue they do when they are taking home a salary, probably with benefits, while keeping their hourly wage earners from making overtime by limiting their hours.

  • Denverista

    Just do away with the damn tip jar! It is annoying! The employees aren’t making the tipped employee pay rate of $2.13/hr (State of GA). If you want to collect tips then you need your hourly pay rate reduced!

  • http://www.pharmacyproductions.com Sammy P

    How about two tip jars. One labeled management and one barista. Let’s see how well that management tips jar does.

  • Duppeedoo

    How come only some comments show up on this stupid site?

  • Anni

    Tip if you want Don’t tip if you don’t want.Simple

  • RJ

    The management issue aside, reading a few of these comments makes it very clear that a lot of people hold a Starbucks barista on the same level of a McDonald’s employee and think therefore they shouldn’t be entitled to tips at all.

    I ask you this though: When’s the last time a McDonald’s employee remembered your order, let alone your name, and had it ready for you when you walked up to the counter, with a smile, at 5AM? Oh, and did I mention your drink had more modifiers on than Joan River’s face? (A Iced double tall ristretto, half decaf, 1 pump mocha, 1 pump white mocha, nonfat, light ice, stirred with the shots on top mocha in a grande cup with xtra whip cream, for instance?)

    I’d be unrealistic to claim that this was the standard at all Starbucks but I know we strive for this legendary experience each and every time, and I believe, in those cases, why not leave a little gratitude?

    We do try– at least some of us. And it is a little more than just handing someone a cup of Joe.

    • ServiceIndustrypro

      They are Management! The Servers/workers are the ones busting Ass and making less than min wage and the tip is rightfully theirs. I am rather disgusted that Starbucks has not addressed this issue yet. It should be in the Company Policies Handbook. And Shame on ANY MANAGER that wants to take tips away from their servers. That’s just wrong and Bad Karma!
      For all the Ignorant people that think Tips are no big deal…its obvious YOU have never had a Serving Job in your life. Maybe you should…its NOT an easy job at all, especially if you have your Managers stealing your Tips!!!

    • alexander harrison