Starbucks Asks Patrons to Leave Guns at Home

    September 18, 2013
    Mike Fossum
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Starbucks, whose website is presently down, has entered the American gun debate by asking customers to leave their firearms at home. As more a gesture than anything, Starbucks employees won’t say anything to customers who don’t abide by the gun request, and no signs will be posted concerning the new stance.

“We are going to serve them (gun-toting customers) as we would serve anyone else,” Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said, adding that “there are going to be people on both sides who will be disappointed or angry, but we’re making a decision we think is in the best interests of our customers, employees and the company.” The majority of domestic Starbucks stores lie in states with open carry laws, and pro-firearm activists have long used the coffee huts as “a political stage for media events misleadingly called ‘Starbucks Appreciation Days’ that disingenuously portray Starbucks as a champion of open carry,” according to Schultz.

While nothing specific was mentioned regarding what might have prompted an actual stance on the open carry matter, it’s a good business practice to disassociate a product with gun violence, especially with the recent Navy Yard shooting.

Schultz adds, “I want to make it very clear that Starbucks is not a policy maker and as a company we are not pro- or anti-gun. However, there have been a number of episodes over the course of the last few months that have put us in a position to take a big step back and assess the issue of open carry.”

In related Starbucks news, it was recently found that a shop in Hong Kong was using toilet water to brew its coffee. A spokesperson for Starbucks explained that the particular Starbucks location used the toilet water because it was the closest source.

Starbucks is based in Seattle, and presently operates 20,891 stores in 62 countries

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

  • Reality

    I have been to a lot of Starbucks and the patrons that go there are probably the last people that would be carrying around a bunch of firearms. Why they are speaking on this subject is beyond me. I have a feeling that there is an agenda in this country to get rid of guns or for the government to eventually take people’s guns away from them.

    Personally, I don’t own a gun and really don’t want to. Anyone who has ever seen what a gun can do to a human being wouldn’t really want to own one either. Problem is that most people who own guns have never really seen the damage they can do. I also think crime is overblown in this country. We are just constantly bombarded by the media. We always hear about the worst of the worst cases. The media very much wants to keep us in a perpetual state of fear. Fear of everything from crime to the foods we eat. Everything is just so overblown. I look at my life and the reality is that in my 40 years of existence, I have never really had a problem with anyone. I have never had the need to use a gun. Most people are decent and if you mind your own business in life, most people will leave you alone. It is when you get into someone else’s business that problems happen.

    However, even though I personally feel that way, I still believe people should have the right to own guns. A country that is not armed can be exploited by foreign countries and its own government very easily. Also, at the end of the day, if you take away all the guns, people will use knives. I have seen knife fights and believe me, they are just as bad as a shooting. What would be next? Taking away knives?