Star Trek's Uhura Stopped in LAX for Meth

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Nichelle Nichols is 81 years old. So when meth fell out of her suitcase at LAX airport, it stands to reason that security was a bit shocked. Talk about “boldly going.” But, as there usually is, there is more to the story.

According to a report from TMZ, Nichols, famous for playing Lieutenant Uhura on the original Star Trek television show and films, was catching a flight at LAX. Nichols was in a wheelchair, and she had an assistant accompanying her, a male in his 20s. One of the suitcases with Nichols’ name tag on it fell to the ground, came open, and law enforcement saw a bag of meth and drug scales fall out.

After looking deeper into the situation, officials determined that the bag did not belong to Nichols, but had been attached to hers and tagged with her name. It actually belonged to her companion. Apparently Nichols had no knowledge of the meth. Her companion was detained. Nichols was allowed to board her plane and continue on her way.

Nichols’ rep contacted TMZ to tell them that the only thing that LAX officials found in the man’s luggage was an e-cigarette. But TMZ claims that’s not what LAX officials say.

Nichols most famous role as Uhura also landed her in the history books along with William Shatner for the First Interracial Kiss on Television.

Even at 81 years of age, Nichols is still a regular at Trek conventions and events across the country. She also appeared in the television series Heroes, playing Nana. Fellow Trek veteran George Takei also appeared on the show, as did Zachary Quinto, years before he would be cast as Spock in the Trek reboot films.

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