Star Trek & Planet of the Apes Crossover?

    July 30, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Talk about boldly going … Somebody call J.J. Abrams and tell him there is a new level of farfetched to be aspired to now.

IDW Comics and Boom Studios are collaborating on a crossover comic series. The Original Series cast of Star Trek will be seen with 1968 classic Planet of the Apes characters.

The project is a comic miniseries. Scott and David Tipton will write the series with artist Rachel Scott. The series will be called: Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive.

The writers have reached back into the TOS lore to come up with a fresh look at how these two franchises might be able to work together.

“With the Klingons secretly backing a renegade gorilla general in a coup for control of Ape City, Captain Kirk finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having to help out Dr Zaius’s orangutans,” said David Tipton.

There are lots of crossovers within the Trek universe itself, even when those seem to bend the boundaries of time. They managed to make Scotty appear in the Next Generation universe. Picard got to fight alongside Kirk. But crossovers outside the canonical Star Trek universe are rare. But they have been done.

There is a Next Generation/Doctor Who project from 2012. There was also also an Original Series/X-Men crossover from 1996 that was made possible by a psionic energy fit in space.

And IDW itself did a project called Infestation that saw the TOS cast mix it up with Transformers, Ghostbusters, and G.I. Joe.

But will this kind of crossover make it to the big screen? Star Trek fans are a pretty purist bunch. When they found out that J.J. Abrams was at the helm of the new Star Wars film, they fretted that he might try something clever with those two properties, especially with the rumor that Simon Pegg is hanging around the Star Wars set.

A comics crossover is one thing. It is highly unlikely that fans would tolerate anything as large-scale as a movie crossover.

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  • thecaptain2000

    I can’t think of a compelling story that would involve PofA and ST:TOS, but after Abrams destroyed it, it can’t really hurt it either.

    Star Wars fans needn’t worry about a SW/ST crossover either. Abrams is the latest emperor director in new clothes praised only by shallow people desperate to be seen as cool by other desperate shallow people. Reportedly, Jar Jar Abrams is sending Jar Jar Binks into the past to erase all the events of the first six
    movies. Though heralded as a “genius” by fanboys with no real reference as a basis, Abrams has admitted that he is limited creatively and requires a blank slate to work with and cannot write from within an existing continuity. Happily, all of the Star Wars fanboys are on board with the decision to wipe out the decades of existing franchise as they overwhelmingly indicated their approval when Abrams used the same concept on the Star Trek franchise. Currently, Abrams is trying to get one of the networks to pick up a series he is producing based on the last script ever written by Rod Serling. That Abrams has been given the reins to the legacies of real creative giants like Roddenberry, Lucas, and Serling is physically sickening.

    • Spark

      I think what is sickening is your post. Abrams has done a great job.

      • Belinda Duras

        no he changed the star trek universe and that is NOT right

  • klunkerboy

    Whatever the crossover premise, its how they resolve a 23rd century Star Trek Universe with a 40th century POTA Universe, the two cannot exist in the same timeline so some sort of Parallel Universe plotline would be necessary, not hard to do Marvel comics has made dozens of cross dimensional universe storylines so why not in the Trek universe as well since they’ve done it also (Mirror Mirror, In a Mirror Darkly). Personally I think the new JJ Trek will also eventually be revealed by old Spock to be a parallel universe from his own.

  • dallasdawg

    Some people don’t know how to leave well enough alone.

  • thegorn

    This sounds like alot like the Harlan Ellison ST:TMP proposal. Interesting that the working title is the Prime Directive. Perhaps, again, a clue that the story may be alot like Ellison’s proposal.

    It involved going to the end of the known universe to slip back
    through time to the Pleistocene period when Man first emerged. I
    postulated a parallel development of reptile life that might have
    developed into the dominant species on Earth had not mammals prevails. I
    postulated an alien intelligence from a far galaxy where snakes had
    become the dominant life form, and a snake-creature who had come to
    Earth in the Star Trek future, had seen its ancestors wiped out, and who
    had gone back into the far past of Earth to set up distortions in the
    time-flow so the reptiles could beat the humans. The Enterprise goes
    back to set time right, finds the snae-alien, and the human crew is
    confronted with the moral dilemma of whether it had the right to wipe
    out an entire life form just to ensure its own territorial imperative in
    our present and future. The story, in short, spanned all of time and
    all of space, with a moral and ethical problem.

  • Henry Engelhardt

    What if apes got control of The Enterprise? They would destroy everything! Dumb crossover idea!

    • Tom Servo

      It would be like the Democrats getting control of the country.

      • morning_in_america

        My God, Bones, you’re right!

        • ElmerJFudd

          Dammit Jim, I’m a Democrat, not intelligent

          • kentjo

            Kirk: …and the Republicans chances in 2016 Bones?
            McCoy: They’re dead Jim.

          • Belinda Duras

            sooooooooo wrong on that dear. well no rinos are doa IT’S TEA PARTY TIME HA HA HA

  • MBrazzle

    So ridiculous that I’m sure it will be a huge hit.

  • morning_in_america


  • ElmerJFudd

    People forget there were 2 Marvel Trek/X-men crossovers and DC did a Trek/LSH one. Seeing the X-Men on the bridge just was strange. One good joke was Kirk going Dr. McCoy and the beast answered.

  • Belinda Duras

    oh they are sooo behind the times. a site called fanfiction.net has been doing that for close to 20 years are more already with the most marvelous crossover stories imaginable in every range of genre, from buffy and james bond. to blakes 7 and xena, to star trek and dark shadows to buffy and rhps. it’s awesome go read some of their stuff from silly fun to xxx, no don’t read those of course he he but you’ll enjoy something there.