Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer Features Cumberbatch Villain

    December 6, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Ever since J.J. Abrams successfully rebooted the Star Trek movie franchise back in 2009, speculation has been increasing as to where the new Star Trek‘s story will head. With the entirety of The Original Series and six movies to pull material from, the second movie could conceivably go just about anywhere.

Today, trekkies and trekkers alike got their first real peek at Star Trek Into Darkness, the sequel due out next summer. The teaser trailer features plenty of smash-cuts, near-reveals, and Inception-inspired horns, but doesn’t give much away. It’s narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the villain, the identity of whom fueled much of the speculation surrounding the movie. More on that in a spoilery section below the trailer.

The common rumor is that Cumberbatch will be playing Khan Noonien Singh, the villain from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. However, Star Trek II is really about Captain Kirk and the choices he’s made, good and bad, and how poor choices can sometimes have effects years later. The new Star Trek Kirk simply hasn’t made enough of those choices for the Khan story to be meaningful. The filmmakers would have to cram the discovery of the Botany Bay and Khan’s exile to Ceti Alpha V into the first half of the movie, then fast-forward over the entire original series to make Khan’s revenge credible. No, it simply doesn’t fit.

My guess is that Cumberbatch will play Gary Mitchell, the villain of The Original Series pilot and third episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. In it, Helmsman Mitchell is transformed into a powerful psychic being through an encounter with the galactic barrier and has to be put down by Kirk. This story would fit well into the new Enterprise crew’s early years, and the final shot of Cumberbatch in the trailer clearly shows him wearing a vandalized Starfleet uniform, implying his former service.

Also, the reveal of Alice Eve’s character in the trailer shows just how much she resembles The Original Series’ Elizabeth Dehner, Mitchell’s eventual semi-partner in crime:


  • Rnun

    I think it is Kahn. He says in the trail or that he has returned and seeks vengeance, like Kahn in tos. And why did they show a embryo growing in a previous teaser if not to suggest genetics will be a theme. Now in the article it states that whole story will have to crammed in and as this time line is new khans story lacks relevance, but the movie could just be Kirk finding the Botany Bay and a whole new story could unfold with Kahn actually returning to earth. That’s just my opinion and hope.

  • Matrim

    Khan would be easy to do, and they wouldn’t have to have Kirk encounter him at all previously. No quick adaptions of Space Seed, no Ceti Alpha V. Khan is coming back to seek vengeance on the planet that threw him and his kind away to float endlessly through the void.

    Personally, I hope they don’t go this route, but it seems the most likely way to go.

  • http://www.yahoo.com tim

    In the bridge explosion scenes the crewmen are wearing the old grey jackets from The Cage. Also the starship looks old, as in a mix between TOS and the movies. It is not the enterprise crashing in the water, the nacells are too slim, almost like the refit enterprise. I think a lot of this happened before even the last movie. its not Kahn, and Why would Gary Mitchell want revenge on earth? Must be someone else. A lost starship that finds it’s way home, but pissed.

  • demongo

    It’s Garth of Izar.

    Not mitchell. Not khan.

  • Tony

    It’s Garth of Izar

  • Karen Brown

    Khan and crew actually put themselves into space. (Seriously, if you got the megalomanic in your grasp who started a war, why on Earth would you shoot him into space? You’d just kill/imprison him. *shrug*) Can’t really see how this could be Khan without entirely rewriting his backstory. Even discounting the non-event that was the Eugenics War of the 1990’s. *chuckle*