Stage 9 And “Squeegees” To Debut

    February 28, 2008

A little more than a month ago, Disney delayed the public launch of an online production unit.  Today, Stage 9 is ready to go live with the debut of a show called "Squeegees."

Stage 9 and Squeegees To Debut

Disney was reportedly reining things in due to the writers’ strike; the company didn’t want to be viewed as overly opportunistic.  Now, with the strike resolved but scripted television not entirely back on the air, this seems like a good moment for the development to be taking place.

Fair warning: since the first episode of "Squeegees" hasn’t become available just yet, we can’t honestly say whether it’s good or not.  Trailers have created a reasonable amount of buzz, though, and anyone who wants to keep an eye on things can do so at either or YouTube.

Moving forward, Stage 9 may do something with the highly anticipated series "Trenches."  Its producer, Shane Felux, has already won the respect of the "Star Wars" crowd, and on his blog, wrote yesterday, "So Stage 9 comes out and is official now.  First ‘Squeegees’ then ‘Trenches’ .. maybe.. at some point.. just watch ‘Squeegees’ and keep sending me love."