Stacy Knutson Gets a $12,000 Tip and the Government Takes it Away

    April 5, 2012
    Heather Campobello
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Stacey Knutson worked as a waitress at the Fryn’ Pan in Moorhead, Minnesota where she delivered service with a smile as she picked up filthy napkins, broken crayons, and dirty dishes. One day a wonderful thing happened to her. One of her female customers gave her a box that contained wads of money totaling $12,000.

She did the right thing and reported the money to the police. They took the money and told her to wait 90 days before she could claim what she feels is her tip. Now the police are saying that they are holding on to the stash of cash because it smells like marijuana and is being used in a drug investigation.

So what if it smelled like Marijuana! A University of Massachusetts-led study released in 2009 found that approximately 90 percent of U.S. paper money contained traces of cocaine.

Knutson feels her good deed was punished and has filed a lawsuit in Clay County District Court.

The mother of five children says she desperately needs the money and her attorney, Craig Richie, thinks it is a crying shame, “The thing that’s sad about it is here’s somebody who truly needs this gift … and now the government is getting in the way of it.”

Instead of the $12,000 tip authorities gave her a $1,000 reward.

So much for the old adage “honesty is the best policy.”

Would you be satisfied with the $1,000 reward if you were Knutson.

  • Joe GI

    Moorhead city officials and pollice dept. are corrupted and greedy. Confisticated $12,000 must be reported to chief, captain, mayor, city officials, etc. These crooks made a final decision and how to split the money. There is no mention about untouchable enteprise criminals. There is no prosecution or misdemeanor crime because they will protect each others for their own benefits. Instead of law enforcement, these “protectors” have become revenue enhancer for their municipality at best or themselves at worst.

    Dirty stinking cops…..Americas taliban….NOTHING but a bunch of bullies & thugs. Honest and hardworking Americans will never win. No good deed goes unpunished! Leave the honest Americans alone.

  • iham

    I’d hate to be the woman when the owner of the money comes to get it.
    There is no way a box full of money was left as a ‘tip’
    If someone was to want to leave a tip so astronomically high it certainly wouldn’t be the proverbial shoe-box stuffed with wads of cash.