Srebrenica Massacre Victims Finally Laid To Rest


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In July 1995, more than 8,000 men and boys, all belonging to the Muslim minority, were killed. The incident occurred at the height of the Bosnian War and is widely considered to be the worst genocide to occur in Europe since World War II.

The attacking forces unceremoniously placed the bodies of the slain in unmarked mass graves around the edge of the town, and many of them remained unfound until recently.

Nothing can ever erase the terrible memory of the Srebrenica Massacre or fill the emptiness in the hearts of the survivors, but as reported earlier today, they may be able to take another step toward healing the wound.

More than 400 victims that were recently discovered in a mass grave were laid to rest individually in a mass reburial. The ceremony was attended by tens of thousands of Bosnians who came to say a proper goodbye to family members or simply pay their respects to those lost in the tragedy.

One of the bodies laid to rest belonged to the infant daughter of Hava Muhic. The child was born during the events leading up to the killings and likely died due to the unfit conditions created by the conflict. It took 18 years for Muhic to finally find out exactly where her child had been buried. Now the child rests in a grave marked "Fatima", the name which Muhic would have given her.

Over 2,000 victims of the massacre remain missing, but today's reburial offers some closure for many of those affected by the event.