Square-Enix Going Old School For Next Final Fantasy


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Oh Final Fantasy.....how you have changed over the years. A lot of people have fond feelings about the Final Fantasy series. My fond feeling comes from Final Fantasy 3 on the Super Nintendo, only to find out years later that it was really Final Fantasy 6. The sprite era of the world of Final Fantasy is widely considered some of the best in the series.

Square-Enix is now trying to bring back that style with Final Fantasy Dimensions. The game is a remake of a Japanese version titled Final Fantasy Legends that was released in an episodic format back in 2010 for cell phones. Square-Enix did a great job porting Final Fantasy 1 nd 2 and tactics onto iOS so this one should be pretty good.

The game is set for a summer release and will be available for the Android and iOS operating systems. No word yet on a price but i would guess that it will be $9.99 like all the other Square titles.