SQL Replication

    August 1, 2006

Database management systems are very important for business today. Whether your application has a network access to all employees in your organization or whether it’s a web application.

The more the number of users supported by the application the more will be the load on the server to act on their requests. Especially in cases of a web application, the location of the server plays an important role because unlike your inhouse application a web application may have users from all around the globe. Managing data for such huge number of users on one centralized server become very difficult. You may face the following problems.

* Performance: since there are huge number of users accessing your database it may slow down in executing requests.

* Consistency: incase the server goes down, people accessing your service will remain temporarily disconnected until they server is up and running.

SQL Replication is the answer to this problem. SQL Replication can be defined as a process of sharing data across different networks or different locations. It creates copies of database and these copies are shared with among different network and locations. The users accessing that network will make changes to this copy of data which will be later synchronized with the original database. Advantages of SQL Replication over a centralized server approach are:

* It provides more consistency for user who can now access their local copy of data even if the original server is temporarily not working.

* SQL Replication can be a sort of data recovery tool if you happen to loose your data by theft, fire or other natural disasters. You still have a copy of your database which will keep your service running.

* By replicating data on network servers the load on the central server is decreased which reduces network traffic.

* It provides excellent synchronization technique that synchronizes all the replication data with the original database.


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