Sprint Will Still Sell BlackBerry Phones In-Store


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Sprint will continue to sell BlackBerry phones out of its retail locations, according to a report from Reuters. Sprint CFO Joe Euteneur told the publication that the company is taking a "wait-and-see" approach to BlackBerry's current smartphone lineup.

The declaration is significant because last week fourth place U.S. mobile provider T-Mobile revealed that it will no longer ship BlackBerry smartphones to its stores. Some BlackBerry products will still be displayed at stores for sales purposes, but any purchases made will be shipped directly to consumers. The decision was made due to the low demand for BlackBerry smartphones, making it "inefficient" to stock them in stores. T-Mobile will focus its BlackBerry sales to enterprise customers that won't need devices in-stock at retail locations.

According to the Reuters report, Sprint's cautious outlook on BlackBerry could be due to the provider's greater reliance on enterprise sales. The company is currently undergoing a large transition, building out is network after having been bought by SoftBank for $21.6 billion.

Sprint's decision represents a reprieve for BlackBerry, which last week posted a $965 million quarterly loss. BlackBerry's new BlackBerry 10 smartphones failed to resonate with consumers, and the company is now transitioning away from consumer product sales in favor of enterprise solutions. The company is currently set to be bought out by a consortium led by FairFax financial for just under $5 billion.