Spread SEO Around the Globe

    March 14, 2008

A couple days ago I posted asking readers to translate The Blogger’s Guide to SEO.

So far we already have 4 translations done:

Bulgarian SEO Guide. Dutch SEO Guide. French SEO Guide. Italian SEO Guide.

In addition to Bulgarian, Dutch, French, and Italian, readers have already volunteered for these languages: Portuguese (Portugal and Brazilian), Spanish, Russian, Czech, Swedish, Slovak, Tagalog, Croatian, Japanese, Romanian, Danish, German, simplified & tradisional Chinese, Croatian, Indonesian, Hungarian, and Polish. Are there any other languages where you can help translate it?

My goal is to make this the most widely available document on SEO across every language possible. For each language it gets translated into, I will donate $50 to Amnesty International. The first translation in each language will also be referenced from the original guide, which has a lot of traffic and link equity.