Spot Runner Launches Political Advertising Program

    March 27, 2008

In a move that’s either ingenious, scary, or both, Spot Runner has launched a new Political Advertising Program.  Political campaigns of every size are supposed to buy preexisting video spots, personalize them, and then put the things on television.

Spot Runner's Political Ads
 Spot Runner Political Ads

Former Senator Bill Bradley, who sits on Spot Runner’s Political Advisory Board, stated, "Spot Runner is helping to further democratize the election process by leveling the playing field for all candidates.  It’s giving every campaign an equal opportunity to broadcast important messages to the most appropriate audiences.  It’s truly ground breaking."

And in some cases, this will hopefully be true.  Not everyone is sitting on enough money to create expensive ads and fund a bid for office; if the next (Your Favorite Politician Here) didn’t get his start because he couldn’t afford a television commercial, it would be a shame.

On the other hand, the idea of political ad templates is a little worrisome.  Do we really need more politicians who fit into ready-made molds?  At least the current crop has some idea of how to manage its (if not the nation’s) money.

Meh.  A hat tip goes to Michael Learmonth, and Spot Runner’s ads start at $499 if you’ve got political aspirations and a little spare cash.