Sponsored Campaign: The Real Cost

    October 30, 2006

Rick Tobin, a Senior Sponsored Search Analyst at Enquiro Search Solutions recently wrote an insightful post on his blog: Sponsored B2B regarding how to find the Real Cost of a sponsored campaign.

Rick focuses his post on B2B organizations and starts by defining the issues:

“If a click is somewhere in the distance past, how can you reconcile that unique visit with all the subsequent visits (whether organic, direct, or sponsored) within the research to purchase stage? What about linking this activity to a unique lead or any conversion? What about actually being able to cost all that activity to get a “real” metric.”

The post then continues to address that there are multiple needs within a B2B Organization to be met as well as issues such as: a long sales cycle, multiple visits, multiple sponsored campaigns, multiple entry points, multiple exit points, probably multiple products and analytics data which doesn’t match the numbers from your sponsored campaign’s reporting.

The conclusion consists of a clever way of finding a solution by simplifying everything, it’s definitely worth a read: http://sponsoredb2b.blogspot.com/2006/10/real-cost-of-sponosred-campaign.html

More on Rick Tobin: Rick has over 7 years experience as a technical writer and promotional copywriter for a variety of industries. His broad ranged capacity is currently focused on producing ever increasing returns for each of Enquiro’s client’s sponsored campaigns. Related article The Doors to Conversion


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