Splinter Cell Blacklist Gameplay Video Shows Traversal, Stealth


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Based on the trailer Ubisoft used when announcing Splinter Cell Blacklist, gamers could easily be forgiven for thinking the publisher had turned the franchise into some sort of Team America-inspired shooter. Further videos have revealed it's not quite that bad, though there are definitely some modern action gaming influences that can be seen.

This week's Blacklist video shows off a six-minute section of gameplay, complete with narration. The demo starts with Sam Fisher traversing a burning building in a very straightforward manner, but quickly shifts to a stealth-based guard-elimination section that will be familiar to Splinter Cell fans. This sequence is short-lived, however, as a "boss chase" sequence (similar to the ones seen in the Assassin's Creed games) commences soon after. During the chase, Fisher can be seen performing a bullet-time double kill on-the-run: