Spitzer Hired To Write Financial Column For Slate

    December 4, 2008

Former controversial New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who was forced to resign amid a call girl scandal, will now have a new job writing a column for Slate.com about finances and the economy.

The column is called "The Best Policy," and will run every other week. In his debut column for Slate titled "Too Big Not To Fail" Spitzer takes the U.S. government to task for trying to bailout financial institutions.

Spitzer Hired To Write Financial Column For Slate

In his column Spitzer writes "It is time we permitted the market to work: This means true competition with winners and losers; companies that disappear; shareholders and CEOs who can lose as well as win; and government investment in the long-range competitiveness of our nation, not in a failed business model of financial concentration and failed risk management that holds nobody accountable."

Scanning the comments section of the article, reaction to Spitzer is mixed. One reader comments "Gosh, Eliot, I wish I could take you seriously. But in my mind, ‘Eliot Spitzer’ is a synonym for ‘sleazeball politician with God complex and a lingering rash.’"

Another reader praises Slate for bringing Spitzer on as a columnist while lamenting the fact he was forced to resign as governor.

"Thank you for having Eliot Spitzer as a contributor. I thoroughly enjoyed the column– and his work in cleaning up some of wall street–a shame that America has forgotten his great work. Maybe, if he had been allowed to stay, he would have been able to do more housecleaning."