Spitzer-Girl’s MySpace Page Mysteriously Changes

    March 13, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Before I could publish the update below, Eliot Spitzer’s call girl’s MySpace page had changed at least five times in two hours. It’s currently owned by "?". At least that’s what it says at this address, assumed earlier to be Ashley Dupre’s profile.

Since then, also, the New York Times has removed the link to the MySpace page that once led there, so it sounds like they’re not sure what’s going on either.

Another Ashley page has popped up at a different address, complete with pics and 388 friends. All the comments appear from just yesterday though, one of them suggesting that the page was created yesterday and doubting it was real. Another commentator thought the real MySpace page for Ashley was the one listed above and below.

Something weird’s going on. We’re still awaiting comment from MySpace. It’s very unclear which profile is the correct one, or if someone has somehow hacked MySpace’s system.


Earlier I noted that there was something strange going on with Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s MySpace profile, because it appeared to have been replaced with a new profile by another name.

First it was Barry’s profile at the http://www.myspace.com/ninavenetta address, formerly the home of Dupre’s (Kristen’s) MySpace profile. Then it switched back to hers, and then it appeared cancelled. After that, it switched to Johnny’s profile, and now it seems to belong to Nina, which is the name in the URL.

As I write this, it has switched to Brandy’s profile.

Anybody else confused? Did somehow Ashley hijack the page to begin with? Seems doubtful, but why the name in the URL? Has she handed it over to friends for safe-keeping until the smoke clears? Did MySpace kick her offline? Why all the switches?


Inquiring minds want to know and we will be awaiting comment from MySpace.