Spiders in Bananas: Prepare to be Freaked Out

By: Erika Watts - November 5, 2013

Even though this story is based out of London, you’ll probably be a little wary when it comes to eating bananas for a while. A U.K. woman had an experience that sounds like something out of a horror movie when a spider egg began hatching on the banana she was eating. To make things worse, the particular species of spider the woman nearly munched on, the Brazilian wandering spider, just happens to be the most toxic in the world.

Consi Taylor, 29, had purchased some Colombian Fairtrade bananas from her local supermarket and was halfway through her first banana she saw some spots on the skin. “I got halfway through the banana when I saw something white on the skin. I thought it was mold but when I had a closer look I saw some funny looking spots,” Taylor said.


“I had a closer look and was horrified to see they were spiders. They were hatching out on the table, scurrying around on my carpet. I was so scared I started crying. I hope I didn’t eat one but I can’t be sure.”

After getting rid of the bananas and getting a refund from the supermarket, Taylor and her husband were advised by a pest control firm to take their two young children and get out. Per the email the firm sent Taylor, “The Brazilian Wandering Spider is venomous and should be considered dangerous. We have to take huge care and diligence.” The family ended up checking into a hotel while their home was fumigated.

The Brazilian wandering spider is the most venomous spider in the world, according to Guinness World Records. The spider’s venom is so strong “that only 0.006 mg (0.00000021 oz) is sufficient to kill a mouse.” Even if the Brazilian wandering spider doesn’t bite you, its mere presence can cause a host of issues, including breathing problems.

Check out the Brazilian wandering spider (which is mainly found in South America, hence the name) below. (Sorry, arachnophobics.)


Will this cause you to avoid bananas? Respond below. Apparently some Twitter users will be forgoing bananas for a while.

[Images via The Sun and Wikimedia Commons]

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    British wandering spider? or Brazilian wandering spider ?

    • Erika Watts


  • Ryan Butler

    That’s crazy. I worked at a distribution center and most grocery stores gas the bananas to kill spiders like this. I don’t know how this grocery store operates, but that’s how it usually works so don’t be all freaked out here people. bananas are just fine. This spider has always crawled over these bananas just like other fruit has its bugs.

    • Todd

      That does not make me feel better: what do you mean you gas fruit??

      • Papa

        Sometimes they use DDT gas when the spiders are numerous.

    • rob

      all grocery chains or distribution centers gas with co2 to ripen bananas, they are picked green and shipped and ripened once they reach their areas of distribution. tomatoes and other fruits are also treated the same way

      • rmb

        Hit thumbs down by accident. Meant to click the up.

  • gary

    In the United States we get our bananas for Central America and don’t have to worry abut Brazilians unless they are UFC fighters

    • guest

      It wanders though! That’s why it’s called “the wandering spider”!

  • Runner

    were the bananas in pajamas?

    • guest

      Very funny. You’re dating yourself btw.

  • guest

    What is going on here? I spent most of my life trying to get over arachnophobia and I just about succeeded then I read THIS?! This is the kind of thing phobias are made of. I can’t tell my family or friends because they will think I’m just freaking out again, they’ll never believe this is true. You don’t even have to eat the bananas, they just have to be in the house? This is worse than the time I was afraid of packages from Missouri because of the brown recluse. Yikes.

  • Bob

    So they don’t look at what they buy?
    So they don’t look at what they sell?
    I usually look at what I buy. I remember not buying garlic that had flies all over it.

  • http://yahoo debra

    Creepy! One of my worse fears is Spiders. This isn’t the first time I have heard of something like this I live in Massachusetts and a woman found a black widow in her grapes here. That stopped me from buying grapes for a while but I eventually got over it. I will be very careful with the fruits I buy from now on.

  • ken seiple

    There used to be a fruit supplier in the 1960 in Defiance Ohio we used to steal some there were spiders then ! Thats what you do when your young

  • flow

    how do you eat a banana half way without noticing that?

  • sbird

    That woman is brave. I’d have to sell the house and move. Fumigation is no guarantee all the spiders are dead. Some may have slipped out into the yard, to come back inside another day.

    Thanks for the article. I’ll be checking every banana I buy from now on.
    And washing them, just in case.

  • Max

    Who else does not want to eat bananas anymore?

  • Jonni

    a week ago I found a spider that looks similar to that spider from the bananas except it was more black, I have saved it in a jar till I find out what kind it is. The store offered me another bag of grapes and a $10 gift card.

    • guest

      Cool story bro

  • the colombian

    what are they doing in colombia? ! we must go to immigration!! to many spiders dancing ” zamba”. they are ” las garrotas”!!if they bite you you can make sex 2 years no stop!!!las cariocas!!!!

  • rob

    I work for a grocery chain in Iowa and We have found a live female black widow, scorpions, snakes and all kinds of things in banana boxes

    • Darrell

      I found one of these in some banana leaves that my wife bought a few years ago. It was an adult male by the looks of it’s mouth, but luckily it was long dead by the time we took the package of leaves out of our freezer. It did freak me out a little though when I figured out just what kind of spider it was. I’m a little more cautious now when unfolding banana leaves. I’ll be watching the bananas now too!

  • http://Google Ann

    I use to work at a grocery store in the produce dept. You would not believe how many spiders that we came across while unpacking bananas and other fruit. It was horrible! I didnt stay at the job long the stress was too much wandering what you might come across. NEVER EVER take home a banana box.

  • http://Google Ann

    I use to work at a grocery store and in the produce dept. You would not believe what we came across in the boxes many times. Not just the bananas but other tropical fruit. I didnt last long at the job. The stress was to much wondering what I might come across or get bitten by while unpacking the produce. A co-worker took home a empty banana box to store some stuff in. He just threw it on the floor and went about his buisness. Later that night his dog was barking like crazy at the wall. When he looked to see why there on his wall was a huge very agressive yellow spider. He captured it in a jar and brought it back for the rest of us to see. If you stuck your finger on the side of the jar it would charge right at your finger and try to attack you. It was horrible. DONT EVER TAKE A BANANA BOX HOME!

  • Marcus

    I have a condition that I can’t keep my potassium level up on my own and pills aren’t enough. I have no choice but to continue eating bananas, if I don’t I’ll be dead anyway.

    • knowmorethanu

      First of all bananas are not the only source of K (potassium) and secondly there is more K in an energy bar (they have sugar free and gf) than in a banana.

  • http://what??? leigh Eaton

    I never could figure out whether the spider was IN the banana, Or ON the banana? Let your cornmeal or oatmeal sit for a long time and the little bugs that came with it will hatch.

  • Fix U Like a Banana

    Spider goin’ Bananas!

  • Alex

    Im eating a banana right now

  • kay

    I will make sure to check my banana’s very carefully.

  • http://yahoo Jana

    OK….i love bananas, but i’ll be looking at them a bit differently now, and wondering what is or has been crawling all over them! Let alone nightmares after seeing this!!

  • docofsoc

    OK, this DOES give me the willies. The irony is I’m reading this on a day I just posted a parenting blog about a great school garden science program has helped me learn to (sort of) love spiders and bugs again. http://bookboard.com/blog/2013/11/learning-to-love-bugs-again