Speedera and Macromedia Monetize Flash Video Content

    April 18, 2005

Speedera Networks and Macromedia announced theavailability of a new, secure Macromedia Flash video streaming option to both monetize and protect content delivered via Flash Video Streaming Service powered by Speedera.

This secure Flash video streaming option, the first of its kind for Flash video in the content delivery industry, supports additional revenue models and the roll-out of innovative multimedia content on websites as well as the protection of live and on-demand video and audio. Speedera is demonstrating these latest capabilities at the Macromedia booth, SL 4048, during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference April 18-21, 2005 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Macromedia Flash allows content providers to deliver immersive, seamless video experiences to more than 98 percent of Internet viewers worldwide by using Macromedia Flash Player. With the latest, secure version of Flash Video Streaming Service powered by Speedera, media and entertainment companies, online retailers, and advertisers can now monetize their Flash video content and online events with more secure pay-per-view, subscription, and other pay-for-content models. The costs of delivery are reduced and revenue is enhanced by cutting the theft of both content and bandwidth as well.

“A secure option for Flash Video Streaming Service powered by Speedera is the next logical step in the evolution of Flash video technology,” said Scott Cunningham, multimedia technologies manager, USA TODAY. “From content providers to corporate communications, maintaining the secure distribution of content while targeting the widest possible audience is extremely valuable. Speedera has certainly led the way in advancing Flash video streaming in a secure environment.”

The new, secure streaming service also protects content — such as ads, music, and movie trailers — against misuse, even if the content is not revenue generating and its theft will not directly affect online revenues. Many kinds of content still need to be protected for other reasons, including copyright protection and brand integrity. By using the secure Flash streaming option, content can be played only from the intended website and not posted on other sites. In addition, the streaming URL cannot be mass-mailed to users who have not been authorized to use it.

“Our rewarding partnership with Speedera has resulted in an innovative solution for customers worldwide who are challenged with delivering video securely and profitably,” said Chris Hock, director of product management, Macromedia. “Speedera’s enhanced security capabilities for Flash video open up new opportunities and give content providers a safe, secure way to stream content for revenue generation online.”

“Online retailers, advertisers, media and entertainment firms, and others can now expand their revenue opportunities while securing their content,” said Ajit Gupta, president and CEO, Speedera Networks. “By combining innovative Macromedia Flash video technology with Speedera’s global hosting and delivery platform, we provide businesses with a quicker and more affordable way to protect their brand and monetize their Flash digital assets streamed over the Internet.”

Speedera’s Flash Video Streaming Service with the secure option is built on Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX and integrated into the Speedera SpeedSuite platform. With this platform, companies can avoid the hassle of setting up and maintaining their own Flash streaming server hardware and network infrastructure. The new service requires no client software installation and can be implemented on customer websites within hours.

“Macromedia Flash video is emerging as a key format and helping to drive the adoption of online multimedia by consumers,” said Steve Vonder Haar, research director, Interactive Media Strategies. “By marrying Flash with stronger content security tools, Speedera and Macromedia are helping to spur the development of new business models for multimedia content developed under the Flash umbrella.”

In addition to the new security capabilities, standard features of Flash Video Streaming Service powered by Speedera include: automatic tracking and report generation, video and audio streaming that starts instantly, and a ready-to-go global network of high-performance servers that host and deliver streaming to end users worldwide. The SpeedEye management portal allows providers to manage content, set up live events, and view real-time and historical statistics, including total hits, top 10 clips, average viewing time, concurrent viewers, and geographic location of visitors.

The new secure option for the Flash Video Streaming Service expands the deep relationship between Speedera and Macromedia for Flash video streaming. Macromedia has also worked with Speedera to deliver downloads of Flash Player to users worldwide and to track performance, availability, and other key site metrics.

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