Specter: XM-Sirius Answer Should Be Near

    March 21, 2008

For the sake of avoiding repetition, the words "may" and "might" aren’t going to appear in every sentence of this article.  Go ahead and mentally insert them, though, because this concerns the resolution of the long-uncertain XM-Sirius merger.

XM-Sirius Merger Decision Might Be Coming Soon
 Specter Sees Resolution Happening Soon

During an interview on the Howard Stern Show, Senator Arlen Specter "said . . . a decision should reached by the end of the month," according to an Orbitcast article, which then added, "to his knowledge."

It’s not the strongest possible confirmation – Pat Leahy is actually the Senate Judiciary Committee’s chairman, and Specter’s statement puts uncomfortably narrow (and yet nonspecific) time restrictions on the matter.  But Specter is hardly out of the loop, so we may see something happen soon.

Also, in terms of what that something will be, it seems at least one important onlooker believes the merger will be approved.  As reported by Eric Savitz, a Stifel Nicolaus analyst stated, "The FCC rumblings bolster our sense that the DOJ will likely clear the deal followed by FCC approval with conditions."

Customers and investors surely remain anxious to see what happens; the stocks representing both XM and Sirius have risen quickly in the past couple of days.